18+ Bernat Velvet Yarn Crochet Patterns

Have you ever worked with Bernat Velvet yarn before? Maybe you have a skein, but you’re not sure what to do with it yet. This yarn has a beautiful, texture and it’s incredibly soft (which makes it perfect for all kinds of garments, home decor, and stuffed animals!). If you’re unsure of what to make, then hopefully this list will help you out!

bernat velvet crochet pattern collage

What can you make with Bernat velvet yarn?

You can use velvet yarn to make a variety of projects! Velvet can transform a regular looking crochet piece into a stunning, soft, unique statement piece. Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Cozy, soft scarves and sweaters
  • Ultra cozy blankets
  • Headbands and other accessories
  • Unique stuffed animals

And so much more! I’ll be showing you lots of patterns that fit those descriptions above.

Table of Contents

  1. The Velvet Debate
  2. Velvet Accessories
  3. Crochet Velvet Sweaters
  4. Blankets and Home Decor
  5. Velvet Amigurumi
  6. Common Questions About Velvet Yarn
Bernat Velvet Yarn Crochet Patterns

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The Velvet Debate

There is a lot of debate over velvet yarn. Some people love it, while others hate it. The only way for you to find out your opinion is to try it out yourself!

However, I assume you probably are on the “love it” side if you’re reading this post looking for patterns. Personally, this is the side I’m on. I have almost 10 different colors of bernat velvet yarn because I love it THAT much. LOL. You just can’t beat the unbelievably soft texture of this yarn!

For tips on working with velvet yarn, see the FAQ section at the bottom of this post. For now, we’re going to jump right into the velvet crochet patterns!

Bernat Velvet Yarn Crochet Patterns

I’m excited to show you these patterns. There are lots of beautiful designs from an array of different designers. All of the pattern specifically use bernat velvet (either regular, baby velvet, or crushed velvet).

However, you can use other similar velvet yarns as well as long as they are the same weight!

Velvet Scarves, Hats, and Accessories

First up, let’s check out a few of my favorite accessory patterns! Think hats, headbands, and of course scarves.

Single Crochet Men’s Hat

I don’t know about you, but crocheting for men can be such a delicate process sometimes. Especially when it come to garments and hats, you want something with a stitch design that’s warm enough to be practical, but also masculine enough for them to actually wear it. That’s why I love this Single Crochet Men’s Beanie! The velvet yarn gives it an extra coziness and warmth, while the single crochets make it masculine AND super easy to make! Any man in your life is sure to love this one!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

crochet velvet hat pattern

Citrine Scarf

Next up, meet the Citrine Scarf. This pattern is absolutely gorgeous and almost resembles a classic store-bought scarf! Because it’s primarily comprised of one stitch (herringbone half double crochet), it’s pretty simple to recreate. This scarf would make a great last-minute gift!

(The photos for this one were blocked)

Designer: Crochets by Trista

Velvet Headband

Next, check out this adorable Velvet Headband! Isn’t this one so pretty? I just love the bow design! These headbands are both cute, and practical as they make fantastic ear warmers as well as accessories. And, since this headband works up pretty fast and uses minimal yarn, you can make a couple of these with just one skein!

Designer: Easy Crochet

velvet headband crochet pattern

Sweet Stripes Backpack

Have you been looking for a good backpack pattern? If so, then you should definitely give this Sweet Stripes Backpack pattern a try! Even if you’re a beginner, don’t be intimidated by this one! The stitch design and overall construction of this one is quite simple to recreate. And it even comes in two different sizes to fit any of your backpack needs!

Designer: Green Fox Farms Designs

velvet crochet backpack

Velvet Mittens

Another pattern I’d like to show you is this cute Velvet Mittens pattern. Don’t these look so warm and cozy? Using Bernat Velvet yarn makes these mittens SO soft that you won’t want to take them off! I guarantee that whoever you make these for will love them.

Designer: Love Life Yarn

crochet velvet mittens

Corner to Corner C2C Cowl

Last up for this category is this Corner to Corner Neck Cowl pattern. There is just something so comforting about working with a soft yarn. This cowl is bound to keep you extra warm and cozy on a cold winter or fall day. This pattern is simple and works up quickly, which makes it a great last-minute gift!

Designer: The Purple Poncho

crochet velvet cowl pattern

Velvet Crochet Sweaters

Next up, let me show you a few of my favorite velvet sweater patterns! Velvet yarn truly makes a COZY sweater. If you make one, you will probably want to live in it every day!

Velvet Pullover Sweater

First, meet the Velvet Pullover Sweater. Doesn’t this one look so cozy? Not only is this sweater comfy and cute, but it’s made up of only single crochets, so it’s nice and easy to make too! You can have fun experimenting with different colors and color combinations with this one!

Designer: Hooked on Homemade Happiness

crochet velvet sweater pattern

Velvet (Kids) Cardigan

Next, check out this fun Velvet Kid’s Cardigan! Isn’t this one so cute? I just love the look and texture of this one. Not only is this a fun project, but it’s an economical one too (most of the sizes use less than 2 skeins of yarn)! This would make a great gift for a granddaughter, daughter, niece, or any other little girls you know!

Designer: Heart Hook Home

kids crochet velvet cardigan

The Cozy Cabled Sweater Dress

Another fun pattern I’d like to show you is this Cozy Cabled Sweater Dress. This pattern is especially fun as it features a pretty cable running down the front. You can adjust your sweater’s length however you’d like (making it longer for a dress or even cropping it)!

Designer: I Need it Crochet

(The photos were blocked for this one)

Crochet Velvet Cardigan

Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to the Crochet Velvet Cardigan! This cardigan is super warm and cozy, and makes the perfect sweater to dress up (or down) any outfit! Also, since this cardigan is built up primarily by double crochets and Bernat Velvet yarn is quite bulky, this pattern works up fairly quickly!

Designer: Maria’s Blue Crayon

adult velvet cardigan pattern

Velvet Crochet Blankets and Home Decor

For the next category, we’re going to look at some home decor patterns…mostly pillows and blankets! Because velvet yarn is so unique, it makes for quite the statement piece in a home.

Vache Bolster Pillow

Have you been looking for a modern home decor pattern? If so, then I think you’ll enjoy this Vache Bolster Pillow pattern! One of the things I love about this pillow is that it’s one of those patterns that appears really intricate and time-consuming, when in reality it’s simple and can easily be made in one sitting! These pillows would make great gifts for friends and family!

Designer: Teresa Carter from Debrosse

Note: this is a design from a book – read more info in the post to see what I mean!

crochet round velvet throw pillow

Velvet Throw Blanket

Next up, meet the Ve Luxe Throw Blanket! Doesn’t it look so warm and cozy? I just love the added tassels! The great thing about using Bernat velvet yarn for this one is that it not only works up quickly (thanks to its bulkiness!), but it also maintains its velvety softness. I can guarantee that once you make this pattern, you won’t want to put this blanket down!

Designer: Mama in a Stitch

cozy crochet velvet blanket

Piper’s Blankie (Baby Blanket)

Next, check out this adorable crochet Baby Blanket pattern! Naturally, we all would like the best for our kids, and that’s why you shouldn’t settle for just any old baby blanket. You want something that’s nice and warm, while also being soft enough to not irritate their delicate skin. That’s why this Bernat yarn baby blanket is the perfect pattern for this predicament! It’s extra soft, warm, and snuggly, and it holds up well so it will last a long time! Even if you don’t have any kids, this blanket would make a fantastic gift for any young moms you may know.

Designer: Juniper and Oakes

velvet crochet baby blanket

Velveteen Rabbit Pillow

Have you been looking for a good Easter décor pattern? If so, then I bet you’ll absolutely love this Velveteen Rabbit Pillow! I just love how Bernat yarn gives this pillow a cool, fabric-like effect. This pillow would make an amazing Easter decoration or a snuggle companion for your kids!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Velveteen Rabbit Pillow—FREE Easter Crochet Pattern

The Velvet Georgia Pillow

Last up for this category is the Velvet Georgia Pillow. Isn’t this one so neat? This pattern features several different stitches that create this really beautiful and unique texture. This pillow is bound to add a pretty, modern touch to your home!

Designer: Juniper and Oakes

crochet velvet pillows

Velvet Amigurumi Patterns

Lastly, we need to look at some bernat velvet amigurumi patterns! Amigurumi may not be something that initially comes to mind when thinking of velvet. However, it actually works really well. You’ll end up with a stuffed animal so snuggly and cozy that it is sure to become a favorite.

Flip-Flop Velvet Giraffe

First up, meet the adorable Flip-Flop Giraffe pattern. I love how snuggly this little guy is! If you know anyone little ones who love giraffes, this would make the perfect gift!

Designer: Darling Maple Designs

amigurumi crochet giraffe
Processed with MOLDIV

Flip-Flop Raccoon

Next, check out these fun Flip-Flop Raccoons! Aren’t they so cute? I just love the attention to detail in these little guys. Any little one is bound to love one of these!

Designer: Darling Maple Designs

amigurumi crochet velvet racoon

Flip-Flop Elephant

Another one of my favorites is this adorable Flip-Flop Elephant pattern. Isn’t it so cute? I just love the little Santa hat! Thanks to Bernat yarn, this little guy is extra soft and snuggly. Your kids won’t want to put him down!

Designer: Darling Maple Designs

amigurumi crochet velvet elephant

Amigurumi Gnome

Last, but most certainly not least, meet the Amigurumi Gnome pattern! The great thing about these guys is that they’re simple and versatile for just about any season. You could make anything from a festive Christmas gnome, to a pretty Easter gnome! These gnomes would make great gifts or products for a craft fair!

Designer: Darling Maple Designs

amigurumi crochet velvet gnome

Velvet Yarn Questions

What is velvet yarn good for?

Velvet yarn is great for wearables, accessories, home decor, and even amigurumi…pretty much anything! It is especially great for any project you want to be super soft. Use it in projects with simple stitches and the yarn will really shine. Velvet does not look as good (in my opinion) with fancy crochet stitches.

What do you do with baby velvet yarn?

Baby velvet yarn is simply a lighter weight version of regular velvet yarn (#4 weight rather than #5). You can use it for any of the same projects as regular velvet, but I do recommend finding a pattern specific for baby velvet.

What is a good stitch for velvet yarn?

Simple stitches like single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. These simple stitches really allow the velvet yarn to shine!

Does Bernat velvet yarn shed?

In my personal experience, it has never shed. When working with it, the only part that would shed a tiny bit is the end. But once it is crocheted into a project, I’ve never had an issue.

Can Bernat velvet yarn be washed?

The care instructions on the label say to hand wash and dry flat, so you will be safest sticking to that.

How do you crochet a scarf with velvet yarn?

You can find a velvet scarf pattern, OR you can easily make a custom one yourself! Simply make a chain in the width you want your scarf to be. Then, choose a simple stitch like single crochet or double crochet and work back and forth in rows until it reaches your desired length!


Velvet yarn is a lovely thing to crochet with. People have mixed feelings about it, but personally I have fallen in love. Bernat Velvet yarn is particularly nice to work with, and you can make a variety of amazingly soft projects with it. I’ve made velvet scrunchies and hats and everyone loves them! I hope you liked this post and found the perfect velvet pattern to make for your own family and friends today.

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