Easy Crochet Mini Hat – Free Ornament Pattern!

There’s just something so cute about mini crochet accessories! Today I’m excited to share a mini hat crochet pattern that can be used as a Christmas ornament! This pattern is free and so easy to make, even for beginners.

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How do you crochet a mini hat for beginners?

You can crochet mini hats in the same way as regular hats. Really the only difference is the size…and of course the amount of time it takes to finish! In this pattern, we will follow a few steps:

  1. Start with a rectangular ribbing made from back loop half double crochet.
  2. Join that together and start crocheting in rounds to make the body of the hat.
  3. Do a few decrease rounds toward the top to bring the hat in.
  4. Finally, cinch up the remaining stitches and weave in your ends!

Trust me, this mini hat is not hard to make. We’ll just be using simple stitches, perfect for the beginning crocheter!

Easy Crochet Mini Hat - Free Ornament Pattern!

Crochet Mini Hat Ornament

I chose to use my small crochet hat as a Christmas ornament. I mean, it’s so cute you could probably just make it for fun…but it’s nice to have a use for it too. 😉

We’ll just attach a little loop at the top, and boom! The perfect cute hat ornament for your tree.

This pattern is also apart of my Christmas in July crochet along, so if you’re interested in more crochet ornaments, definitely check it out here!

Easy Crochet Mini Hat Pattern - Free

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Materials to Crochet a Mini Beanie

You will need very minimal amount of yarn to crochet this beanie. Literally just scraps! Personally, I used We Crochet Brava Sport yarn. This is probably my absolute favorite lightweight acrylic yarns. It’s super affordable too!

Of course, if you don’t have this yarn on hand, you can still use substitutes. Don’t feel stuck to using a lightweight yarn. You can definitely use DK weight or even worsted – just know that your hat will turn out a little bigger than mine.

Mini Crochet Hat Ornament Pattern

Choosing your Colors

Another thing you might have noticed is that you can easily make this hat with one or two different colors! Personally, I just love the two-toned effect. I made the brim a dark color and the hat a lighter color, but you could also switch that up to be opposite too!

Easy Mini Crochet Hats

More Crochet Mini Christmas Ornaments

Why stop at a mini hat when you can crochet a Mini Scarf and Mini Mittens? That’s right, I’ve designed a set of mini Christmas ornament patterns, and I would love for you to try them out!

  1. Mini Mittens
  2. Mini Scarf
Mini Crochet Christmas Ornaments - scarf, hat, mittens

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Free Crochet Mini Hat/Beanie Ornament Pattern

Are you ready to finally get started on this cute hat pattern? Let’s dive right in!

Video Tutorial:


  • We Crochet Brava Sport Yarn (100% acrylic, 273 yds/249 m, 3.5 oz/100 g) less than 1 ball clarity (for the brim of the multicolored one I used Lion Brand Heartland in the color Sequoia).
  • G/4mm crochet hook 
  • Yarn needle


  1. Ch 1 at beginning of row does NOT count as a stitch.
  2. Feel free to experiment using a DK or worsted weight yarn with this hat (even though I used sport). They may just turn out a little bit larger.
  3. Hat is worked in continuous rounds. Do NOT join at the end of a round unless specified.


Height: 2”

Hat width: 1.5” 

Brim Width: Just under 2”

Abbreviations/Stitches Used (U.S.) 

Chain – ch

Single crochet – sc

Half double crochet – hdc

Repeat – rep

Round – rnd

Skip – sk

Stitch(es) – st(s)

Beginning – beg

Back loop – BL

Crochet Mini Hat Written Instructions:


Ch 5.

Row 1: Hdc in second ch from hook and next 3 ch, turn. (4 hdc)

Rows 2-9: Ch 1, hdc in BL of all hdc, turn. (4 BL hdc)

Slip stitch ends of ribbing together to form circle.

Body of Hat:

Rnd 1: Make 15 sc around ribbing. Don’t worry too much about the stitches looking perfect, because they will be hidden when we fold the edging up! When you’re done, place a stitch marker in the last sc. 

Rnds 2-7: Sc around all 15 sc. Move stitch marker up at the end of each round. 

Rnd 8: (Sc2tog, sc in next 3 sts) 3 times. (12 sc)

Rnd 9: (Sc2tog, sc in next 2 sts) 3 times. (9 sc) Slip stitch to first sc. 

Fasten off. Thread a yarn needle and cinch up the remaining stitches. Weave in all ends. Fold up the ribbing to complete your mini hat, and then attach a hanger at the top! If you would like to learn a few different methods for attaching loop hangers, feel free to watch this video tutorial.

Hat Photo Tutorial

In case you need a bit of extra help crocheting this hat, let me show you some photos of the process!

Below you can see what it looks like to slip stitch the ribbing together (left and top right) and what your work will look like when you join on the side of the ribbing to start working in the round. Keep in mind that you can use the same color or a new color here!

mini hat crochet tutorial

Simply work even single crochets around until you have a total of 7 rounds (left). Then, complete the 2 decrease rounds (right top). Keep in mind here that the hat will look too long – but it will look better after we fold up the ribbing!

Finally, on the bottom left, you can see what the top should look like all cinched up.

crochet mini hat tutorial

I hope you liked this easy hat pattern! It was so much fun to design—I just love mini crochet. I know it will make my tree look extra cozy this year 🙂

Easy Crochet Mini Hat - Free Ornament Pattern!

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Happy Crocheting!

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