Ultimate List of Gifts for Crocheters (2024)

Are you looking for a gift for the crocheter in your life? Do you want the perfect gift idea for someone who crochets?

I know, sometimes us crocheters can be a little bit tricky to buy for. Especially you’re not too familiar with the hobby, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

As a crocheter myself, I decided to put together an ultimate list of gifts people like me LOVE, along with lots of tips and tricks for choosing the perfect gift!

Gifts for crocheters

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What to Gift Someone Who Likes Crocheting

There are SO many things you can give to someone who crochets. Yarn, tools, books, patterns…there are a lot of options out there (I have included over 70 ideas in this post!)

The truth is though, every crocheter is different. There are a lot of things to keep in mind before you even LOOK at the gifts. So let’s talk about some tips first.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift

1. Know Your Audience. You know your crocheter better than I do (whether it’s a spouse, friend, or family member!) Don’t buy a gift for them just because I say a crocheter would like it. For example, some of the items I will recommend are very practical. And while some people might like these, others might prefer a more romantic, thoughtful gift. Don’t worry, I will go into more detail in each section of this post on this!

2. Make sure it features crochet items, NOT knit items. Every crocheters’ pet peeve is when people confuse knitting with crochet. Just in case you need to know the difference: if the tool pictured is 2 straight and pointy “needles”, that represents knitting. On the other hand, if there is just ONE tool pictured and it has a “hook” on the end, that is crocheting.

3. Know what type of crocheting they do. This might require a bit of observation if you’re not too familiar with crochet, but you can do it! Because not all crocheters use or need the same types of items. It may depend on what they like to crochet. Here’s what I mean:

Some tools may only be necessary for crocheters who like certain techniques. For example, if the crocheter in your life works with a lot of expensive, hand dyed yarn, they might really appreciate a set of premium blocking mats, or a swift yarn winder.

However, if the crocheter in your life usually buys value yarn from Joann’s or Michaels, they might not even know WHAT blocking is. And they won’t need a yarn winder.

I know all of this might sound like Greek if you’re not familiar with crochet. BUT the point I’m mainly trying to get across is that you might need to do a little observation and a little research. Pay attention to what your crocheter uses often. Then, do some research to make sure the gift you choose is something they would actually like.

Best Place to Buy Gifts For Crocheters

Where do you go to buy gifts for crocheters? There are a lot of different options!

  • Amazon—this is usually a great place to buy crochet tools. Watch out though, because they may be overpriced. I will tell you the best place to buy each item in this list.
  • Crochet.com—this is my favorite online crochet store! You can buy amazing yarn here, as well as a variety of tools and accessories.
  • Etsy/Small Businesses—this is usually a great place to find personlised crochet gifts! Small online shops may offer things you can’t find anywhere else.

All right, so are you ready for all the gift ideas? Click on the table of contents below to skip to different sections of gifts!

Table of Contents

Gifting a Crocheter with Yarn

Of course, one of the most obvious gifts you can give to someone who crochets is YARN! However, giving someone yarn isn’t as simple as it might seem.

The truth is, crocheters might like different types of yarn. If you go and choose a random yarn to give them, it might not be the best gift if they don’t have a use for it.

Here are a few creative ways you can give a crocheter yarn and make sure they get EXACTLY what they want:

1. Give them a gift card. If you know their favorite yarn store, a gift card to that place will always be appreciated.

However, gift cards may sometimes feel impersonal, so here is another way to make it more special:

2. Give them a yarn store “experience.” For this idea, you could give them a gift card along with a certificate for a yarn store date (yes, where you go with them and let them talk your ear off about all the different yarn!)

This idea could be particularly special for a spouse or significant other. We crocheters love it when our family takes a special interest in our hobby!

Funny Gifts for Crocheters

Okay, now it is time to get more specific with gift ideas! The next category to cover is crochet novelty gifts with funny “meme” type sayings on them.

Sarcastic Project Labels

First up, check out these hilarious sarcastic project labels! Most crochet labels say “handmade with love” but these show the more common truth of the matter – that this project took forever so you’d better use it! 😂 If you need an inexpensive gift, these are perfect.

Check current price on Amazon

Funny Crochet T-Shirt

Does the crocheter in your life also love coffee? This funny t-shirt features the saying “just pour me my coffee, hand me my crochet, and slowly back away.”

Check current price on Amazon

I Crochet Because Killing People is Frowned Upon – Mug

Another classic crochet meme states “I crochet because killing people is frowned upon.” This mug features that saying, plus “save a life…send yarn!” I’m sure this would crack up any crocheter.

Check current price on Amazon

Another Funny Mug

Here’s another funny mug that would be perfect for a Christian/religious crocheter! It’s true right? You can never have too much faith in Jesus…and you can never have too much yarn! 😝

Check current price on Amazon

More Funny Gifts on Amazon:

Pretty Novelty Crochet Gifts

Now let’s take a look at some novelty gifts similar to the ones above, but more on the pretty side (rather than funny).

These types of gifts are harder to find on Amazon. You really have to go to individual online shops to find them. I will list a few of my favorite products I’ve found below, but here are the names of the shops I love so you can browse EVERYTHING they sell too:

Shhh…I’m Counting Project Bag

Here’s a bag from Rebekah Haas Crochet that I justLOVE. It features the saying ‘Shhh…I’m counting.” Have you ever heard a crocheter say this before? I’m sure you have, because we tend to get interrupted a lot when trying to count our stitches! Anyway, this crochet tote bag is a favorite of mine.

Buy now from Etsy

Yarn Sweets Hoodie

Does the crocheter in your life love sweets AND yarn? If so, they will love this sweatshirt, which features yarn ice cream and cupcakes! The best part is, it comes in several colors and sizes all the way from small to 5XL.

Buy now from Etsy

Christ & Crochet Notebook

Now something from my shop: this Christ & Crochet notebook! This would be perfect for a crocheter who takes notes on their crochet patterns and maybe in church too. It features 128 lined pages on the inside.

Buy now from my shop!

All I Need is Jesus & Crochet Project Bag

In a Christian crocheter’s life, Jesus is still more important than crochet! This project bag makes that clear.😉 It is made from sturdy material and several sizes!

Buy now from my shop!

Stocking Stuffers for Crocheters

Another type of gift you might need for a crocheter is a stocking stuffer! If you’re looking for small but thoughtful gifts to go in a stocking, here are some ideas.

Idea #1: Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are a small but cute gift that crocheters love! There are so many unique types out there, and it can be fun to have something different from the standard “boring” ones.

Unique Metal Stitch Markers

Here are some metal stitch markers that feature nice words like “choose joy” and “be awesome.” They lock nicely, opening and closing like a safety pin.

Check current price on Amazon

Kitten & Yarn Ball Stitch Markers

Is your crocheter also a cat lover? These Kitten and Yarn stitch markers would be perfect if so! Look at how adorable they are.

Check current price on Amazon

More Stitch Markers Available on Amazon:

Idea #2: Crochet Hook Keychain

When I saw this crochet hook keychain, I knew it would make such a great stocking stuffer! This is a great way to have crochet hooks on you all the time in case you’re in a pinch.

Check current price on Amazon

Idea #3: Stickers

Another AMAZING stocking stuffer for a crocheter is stickers!! There are so many awesome crochet and yarn themed stickers available. They are usually not available on Amazon, but in small online shops instead.

Yarn Makes Me Happy Sticker

First of all, check out this Yarn Makes me Happy Sticker designed by a Crafty Concept. I love the unique variegated yarn colors, paired with the fun fonts! This is sure to make a crocheter happy.

Buy now from A Crafty Concept

Yarn Makes Me Happy Crochet Sticker

Home is Where the Yarn is Sticker

Another great sticker by Love Life Yarn! I don’t think a house would feel like a true home without some yarn in it. This sticker captures that perfectly!

Buy now from Love Life Yarn

Home is Where the Yarn is Sticker

Yarn Skein Sticker

The simplicity of this yarn skein sticker captured my attention right away! I think many crocheters would love to put this on a water bottle, notebook or similar accessory.

Buy now from Love Life Yarn

Idea #4: Yarn Cutter Pendant

A yarn cutter pendant is an ingenious little tool that would make a great stocking stuffer! Measuring about 2″, this tool can be worn as a necklace so you always have a yarn cutter at your disposal! Don’t worry, it is completely safe to use. 😉

Check current price on Amazon

Jewelry Gifts for Crocheters

Need a bit more romantic of a gift but still want to incorporate crochet? Jewelry might be the perfect idea for you! Here are two pretty things I found on Amazon.

Sterling Silver Yarn Ball Necklace

The best yarn necklace I could find on Amazon was this beautiful yarn ball made from sterling silver. The pendant measure 5/8″ and the chain is 20″ long. This is probably the most expensive gift idea in this post, but it is definitely worth it. It is just so beautiful!

Check current price on Amazon

Crochet Hook Necklace

Another beautiful option is this crochet hook necklace! Also made from sterling silver, the hook pendant is 1.15″ long and the chain is 20″ long. You can also choose from several different chain options!

Check current price on Amazon

Yarn Pendant

Another idea is to make your own necklace by purchasing some yarn pendants. This is a more inexpensive option. These cute yarn skein pendants come in a pack of 50 pieces!

Check current price on Amazon

Unique Gifts for Crocheters

Hopefully you’ve found some cool gifts in the previous sections, but if not, we are far from done! In this section, I want to show you some unique gifts that are more in the category of useful gifts. Things like tools, books, planners, and more.

1. Yarn Bowl

See options on Crochet.com

One unique gift is a yarn bowl. Not all crocheters have heard of this fun tool. The truth is, they are not for everyone. BUT, if you see your crocheter with hanks or cakes of yarn, they will probably love it! (Cakes are the balls pictured inside the bowls). There are lots of places to purchase yarn bowls! My favorites are the ones at Crochet.com, but you can also check out more options on Amazon.

See yarn bowl options on Amazon

yarn bowl gift for crocheters

2. Stitch Dictionary

Here is a gift idea that pretty much every crocheter will love (especially if they like learning new techniques): a Stitch Dictionary! These are books filled with a variety of stitches that crafters love to turn into scarves, blankets, and more.

Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary

My personal favorite is the “Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary” written by Dora Ohrenstein. This one is amazing because it gives you instructions for crocheting the stitches as squares OR different increase patterns!

Check current price on Amazon

Melissa Leapman’s Indispensable Stitch Collection

Another great option is this Indispensable collection by Melissa Leapman! I own this book personally and I can say I love all the textured and cabled stitches that are included.

Check current price on Amazon

More Awesome Stitch Dictionaries:

3. Crochet Pattern Books

This is related to the previous idea, but not quite the same! While the last books featured techniques and stitches, these feature patterns. If you know the types of things your crocheter likes to make, you can easily choose a book with new unique projects of the same kind! Here are a few of my favorites:

Crochet Cafe Book

First up, check out “Crochet Cafe”, which features over 30 cute food patterns! The designs in this book are so adorable, I would make all of them if I had the time.

Check current price on Amazon

Build Your Skills Crochet Tops

Does the crocheter in your life crochet garments (or do they want to?) If so, this book would be perfect! It features 26 crochet top patterns that are great for beginners.

Check current price on Amazon

More Awesome Books:

4. Project Planner

Still in the “book” category, but entirely different! A great gift idea for crocheters is a project planner. We all know that crocheters tend to get carried away with their “works in progress” right? 😂 Planners can help us stay on track!

Crocheters Accomplishing Goals

First of all, I have to show you the planner I developed personally, called Crocheters Accomplishing Goals. This is a digital planner that can be printed and used over and over again, and it focuses on helping you figure out your crochet goals and finish them!

Buy now from my shop!

Crochet Goal and Project Planner

Boye 12 Month Planner

If a physical planner is more up your alley, check out this option from Boye. It will keep you planning for a full 12 months and features lots of cool pages.

Check current price on Amazon

5. Yarn Club Subscription

Yarn coming straight to your house over and over again?! That sounds like a crocheters dream gift! Here are some cool yarn club subscriptions:

  1. KnitCrate
  2. The Leither Collection
  3. The Painted Tiger
  4. Mystery Sock Club

6. Row/Stitch Counters

Like I mentioned earlier, counting rows and stitches can be such a pain! These counters, however, can make life a whole lot easier. Just click the button every time you finish a row!

Check current price on Amazon

7. Yarn Storage

Does the crocheter in your life struggle to keep their yarn organized? If so, getting some better yarn storage could be the perfect gift. Pictured here is a nice hanging storage solution!

Check current price on Amazon

8. Crochet Kit

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect yarn for a particular pattern…but not so when you buy a crochet kit! Kits are awesome because they come with the pattern AND the exact materials you need to make it.

Dog Crochet Kit

Talk about the perfect kit for dog lovers! This adorable kit comes with 10 crochet dog patterns, along with enough yarn to complete two of the designs.

Check current price on Amazon

Teddy Bear Kit

There’s nothing like a cute crocheted stuffed animal. I just love this teddy bear, and you’ll get all the materials you need to make him yourself in this kit!

Check current price on Amazon

More Crochet Kit Options:

9. Yarn Winder

A yarn ball winder is another unique gift that will be perfect for any crocheter that uses a lot of hand-dyed yarn. This winder from Knit Picks is inexpensive yet high quality! It will turn yarn hanks into workable balls in no time.

Check current price on Amazon

Buy from Knit Picks

10. Yarn Swift

Yarn swifts give the same finished result as ball winders, but at an even faster speed and greater convenience. Again, this gift will only be a good idea if your crocheter buys a lot of yarn in the form of hanks. I recommend buying the Knit Picks yarn swift because their products are always amazing!

Check current price on Amazon

Buy now from Knit Picks

11. Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Does the crocheter in your life deal with hand pain or arthritis? A set of ergonomic hooks can help with this problem! Their soft grip and lightweight feel can make a world of difference. This 12-piece set is a great inexpensive option on Amazon that I have tried and love.

Check current price on Amazon

More Hook Sets:

12. Clothes Steamer

This may seem like a strange gift, but trust me, it is USEFUL for crocheters! A clothes steamer is used for crochet blocking, and can make crochet projects look more professional. Great for anyone who is trying to elevate the look of their projects.

Check current price on Amazon

13. Blocking Boards

Blocking boards are another tool that go along with the steamer above! It would be a great idea to buy both as a set. 😉 These premium Knit Picks blocking boards have been in my toolbox for awhile now and they were such a worthwhile investment!

Check current price on Amazon

Buy now on Knit Picks

More Blocking Tools to Complete Your Set:

If you do want to get your crocheter everything they need for blocking, here are a few other things they will need in their toolbox:

Thank you Gifts for Crocheters

Wow, we have talked about so many gift ideas! In this last section I want to take a little bit of a different turn.

If a crocheter has ever made something for you, you might want to give them a thank you gift. If that’s you, let me start by saying how sweet that is! It means a lot to us crocheters to know that our hard work is appreciated.

So here are a few thank you gift ideas:

  • A card telling them how much you appreciate their gift (make sure to mention how you are using it!) Honestly, we usually don’t expect anything in return when giving a handmade gift…but we sure do like to know that our hard work is appreciated! For this reason, sometimes a card is the best option.
  • If you want to do something more tangible, a new yarn or tool would make a great gift. You can use the list we have already gone over to select a gift – just make sure you know the crocheter well enough to get them something they love!


As you can see, there are a whole host of different items that can be given as gifts to crocheters. Yarn, tools, funny novelty gifts…the options are endless! I hope you liked this post and found the perfect gift that will light up the face of the crocheter in your life!

Ultimate List of Gifts for Crocheters


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Happy Crocheting!

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