Ultimate List of Crochet Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect crochet Christmas gifts you can make for family and friends? Look no further! I have a TON of gift ideas to help you out – including gifts for kids, parents, friends, and more.

Making Crochet Christmas Gifts

There is just something about making the perfect crochet Christmas gift. Whether it’s for a friend or a family member, a handmade gift can be SO special.

You put time into it. You search for the perfect pattern. You can even pray over it. All of these things make a handmade gift extra thoughtful!

Personally, I love crocheting gifts not only because of that, but also because it is a great way to save money. Why buy gifts when I can make them myself?

Of course, this can sometimes lead to extra stress and overwhelm that is not helpful around Christmastime. So definitely watch out for that as you crochet your Christmas gifts.

Ultimate List of Crochet Christmas Gifts

Who can you crochet Christmas gifts for?

Pretty much anybody! While some people are harder to crochet for than others, there is usually SOMETHING that will work if you dig hard enough. And don’t worry, I will be showing you some patterns for these type of people in this post! 😉

In fact, this post is organized BY gifts for different people! I will start from the youngest (kids) and work my way older. But we won’t stop at family – we will also go into gifts for friends and coworkers too! Finally, we will end with some last minute gifts and some gifts that can be made in a weekend.

Sound good? Alright, let’s get started! Use the table of contents below to navigate to the different types of gifts!

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Table of Contents

Please note: I will feature one pattern in each category, and then link to posts that have even MORE patterns like that!

Crochet Gifts for Kids

Let’s start with the youngest: gifts for kids! There are SO many amazing gifts you can crochet for kids. I think my favorite thing about crocheting for kids is that the items you make can become a treasure to them that they never want to get rid of!

Featured Girl’s Pattern: Bow Headband

The pattern I just had to feature is this adorable bow headband! This headband is made from the moss stitch and it works up SO fast. Best of all, istructions are included to adjust it to fit any size! Get the free pattern here.

Crochet Bow Headband - Free Pattern with Size Chart

Featured Boy’s Pattern: Basketball Scrubbie

Of course, I couldn’t leave out the boys! The ultimate list of gifts for kids includes patterns for boys AND girls, and this scrubbie is just one of them! It is a great stash buster for cotton yarn! Get the free pattern here.

Basketball Scrubbie crochet pattern for boys

See the FULL list of Crochet Gifts for Kids (including the patterns shown below!)

Ultimate List of Crochet Gifts for Kids

Crochet Gifts for Teenage Guys

Next up, we have to talk teenage guys. They can be SO hard to crochet for, I know! Which is why I knew this post was an absolute must. I scoured the internet for the best gifts that teenage guys will actually like (and I even got the post approved by my teenage brother!)

Featured Pattern: Alpine Scarf

One great gift for a teenage guy would be a scarf (that actually looks masculine and not girly!) This Alpine Scarf gives off a woodsy vibe when you combine the stitch pattern with brooding colors. The pattern is available in 3 different lengths! Get the free pattern here.

boys and mens crochet scarf pattern

See the FULL list of gifts for teenage guys (including the patterns shown below!)

Best Crochet Gifts for Teenage Guys (that they'll actually like!)

Crochet Gifts for Mom

Next up in the gifts for family, we have to cover moms & grandmas! An extra special gift is usually in order for our moms, don’t you agree? The great thing about crocheting for moms is that there are a LOT of pattern options to choose from. Clothing, accessories, and home decor are just a few options!

Featured Pattern: Becky Cardigan

The pattern I just have to feature is the Becky Cardigan. Why? Because I made it as a gift for MY mom last Christmas! This cardigan is a long project, but it is totally worth it when you see the look on your mom’s face as she sees it for the first time! Get the free pattern here.

crochet pattern for oversized sweater

See ALL the gift ideas for mom (please note this is a section in a longer post so it will not start from the beginning)

Crochet Gifts for Men

Next in the family, we have to talk about gifts for dads/husbands/brothers etc.! Basically, crochet gifts for men. 😉 Again, men are always a bit harder to crochet for. But there are still patterns out there! You just have to find the right one.

Featured Pattern: Red Truck Ornament

Does the man in your life love trucks? This ornament pattern might be the perfect gift for them! I designed this crochet Red Truck based on my boyfriend’s pickup truck, which is pictured below. I’m going to give it to him this year for Christmas and I know he will love it! Get the free pattern here.

Red Truck Crochet Ornament

You can also check out a crochet beanie pattern for men, OR

See the FULL list of crochet gifts for men (including the patterns shown below!)

Ultimate List of Crochet Gifts for Men

Crochet Gifts for Grandma/Elderly

How about crochet gifts for Grandma? I don’t know about you, but my grandma was instrumental in my crochet journey (she taught me all the basics!) A great way to give back is by giving her a nice handmade gift. The post below includes over 12 patterns perfect for grandmas OR the elderly in general. For example, you could also crochet for nursing homes using these patterns!

Featured Pattern: Helena Shawl

The pattern I just HAVE to feature here is the Helena Shawl. I designed this shawl using a portion of a granny triangle that was actually made by my great-grandma. You can get the free pattern here.

Helena Shawl crochet gift for grandma

See the FULL list of crochet gifts for grandma (including the patterns shown below!)

12+ Crochet Gifts for Grandma - Free Elderly Crochet Patterns

Crochet Gifts for Teachers

Now that we’ve covered whole family, let’s move onto Christmas gifts for OTHER people in our lives! One group of people you are sure to need Christmas gifts for is teachers! What a better way to show appreciation for your teacher than to crochet them something (and not just for teacher appreciation day, but also for Christmas)?!

Featured Pattern: Crochet Coasters

One thoughtful gift you could crochet for your teacher is some coasters! These Forget-Me-Not Coasters are uniquely beautiful, including both a flower and lace. Wouldn’t they look pretty sitting on a teacher’s desk? I sure think so! You can get the free pattern here.

Flower Coaster Crochet Christmas Gift Idea

See the FULL list of Crochet Gifts for Teachers (including the patterns shown below!)

15+ Crochet Gifts for Teachers - All Free Patterns

Crochet Gifts for Friends

What about gifts for a best friend? Personally, I am always looking for gifts that my best friend would appreciate. Some ideas I have used in the past are friendship blankets, self care items, prayer shawls, and home decor. I’ve included all of these types of free patterns in my post on this topic!

Featured Pattern: Face Scrubbie

When I mentioned self care items for friends, this is one pattern I was definitely thinking of! The Puff Stitch Scrubbies can use cotton yarn of ANY color! They would be great for friends who like to be eco-friendly. You can reuse them over and over again! Get the free pattern here.

Scrubbie crochet pattern gift idea

See the FULL list of Crochet Gifts for Friends (including the patterns shown below!)

Thoughtful Crochet Gift Ideas for Friends on Any Occasion

Crochet Gifts for Coworkers

Now, sometimes you need gifts for people you don’t know quite so well…like coworkers! You can make a variety of things for coworkers, like coffee cozies, office organization, Christmas ornaments, and more.

Featured Pattern: Wreath Ornament

One generic gift that would be great for a coworker is this Wreath Ornament. It is simple to crochet (made from a simple rectangle!) yet still has such a beautiful, unique look. Get the free pattern here.

FREE & Easy Crochet Wreath Ornament Pattern

See ALL the gifts for Coworkers (please note this is a section in a longer post so it will not start from the beginning)

Fast, 30-Minute Crochet Gifts

Sometimes you just need to look at LAST MINUTE crochet gifts (anyone else a procrastinator when it comes to gifts?) LOL. There are a whole host of quick crochet gifts that can be made in 30 minutes or less. In my compilation, I’ve included things like a washcloth, cup cozy, ear warmer, and more.

Featured Pattern: 30 Minute Trivet

One 30-minute pattern that I have designed is this trivet! It uses such a big, bulky weight yarn that it works up super fast. This trivet works great to keep your table safe from hot pots and pans! Get the free pattern here.

30 Minute trivet crochet Christmas gift

See ALL the Small, Last Minute Gifts (including the patterns shown below!)

14 Small Crochet Gifts to Make Last Minute

Crochet Gifts to make in a Weekend

Our last category to cover is crochet gifts that take a bit longer to make, but still aren’t HUGE projects. I like to think of these as gifts that can be crocheted over the weekend!

Featured Pattern: Briar Produce Bag

A produce bag can make a great eco-friendly gift for a variety of different people! This pattern uses cotton yarn and while it is a bit longer of a project, it should be doable if you set aside some time on a weekend. Get the free pattern here.

Crochet Produce Bag Pattern - Free and Easy

See ALL the Weekend Gifts (please note this is a section in a longer post so it will not start from the beginning)


There are SO many different people you can crochet Christmas gifts for, as you can see! But don’t get overwhelmed by all the people and all the options. Just take it one person at a time, and hopefully you will end up with all the gifts you need. It always helps to get started early in the year too! Overall, I hope you enjoyed this list and found the perfect patterns for gifts.


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Happy Crocheting!

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