Ultimate List of Crochet Gifts for Kids – Over 30 Free Patterns!

Looking for ideas on crochet gifts for kids? There are so many fun things you can crochet for kids! In this post, I will show you crochet games, amigurumi, crochet clothing for kids, and so much more!

Crocheting Gifts for Kids

I don’t know about you, but I think kids are super fun to crochet for.

They’re easy to please. And as far as clothing goes, projects for kids are so much quicker than projects for adults!

However, one of the best things about crocheting for your OWN kids is that you know them better than anyone else. So as you come to this post, you probably already have some ideas of what type of gift they’ll like.

Hopefully you’ll be able to find the perfect pattern! I’ve collected over 30 free patterns and they are all unique in their own special ways. There should be patterns great for a variety of ages, from toddlers to older children!

We’ll cover 5 different categories of “gift ideas.” Feel free to jump to the one you think will best fit your kids by clicking on the table of contents below!

Ultimate List of Crochet Gifts for Kids

Table of Contents

  1. Idea #1: Crochet Games
  2. Idea #2: Stuffed Animals
  3. Idea #3: Useful but Fun Crochet Gifts
  4. Idea #4: Crochet Play Food
  5. Idea #5: Clothing & Accessories

Idea #1: Crochet Games

Giant Crochet Checkers Game

First up, check out this amazing giant crochet checkers game designed by Heart Hook Home! This is such a unique project that you could crochet, and I think kids would LOVE how big it is!

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Crochet Checkers Game - Gift for kids

Portable Crochet Checkers Game

Now, if that last pattern seems a bit daunting, you can also try out this portable crochet checkers game. This pattern will not take nearly as long to crochet, and it can even function as a game to take on vacation or car rides because of the nice way it packages up.

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portable crochet checkers game

Crochet Ball Toss Game

If you’re looking for educational crochet toys, this ball toss pattern by Winding Road Crochet is perfect! There are many ways to use it, but one fun idea is to put numbers inside each basket. Then, when your child gets 2 balls inside, they have to add/subtract/multiply the numbers.

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crochet ball toss educational toy for kids

Crochet Tic Tac Toe Game

Another crochet game to gift to your kids is Tic Tac Toe! This pattern by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts functions so well! You’ll make the little game pieces, along with a bag for the pieces that has the game board on the front.

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crochet tic tac toe game

Crochet Indoor Snowballs

Last but not least, another great gift idea is some indoor crocheted snowballs. Personally, my family has had a blast using these. They’re perfect when you need some snowy family fun but there’s no real snow in sight (or you don’t feel like braving the cold!) Trust me, kids love these.

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crochet indoor snowballs - gift for kids

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Idea #2: Stuffed Animals

When you’re a kid, there’s just something about a stuffed animal. I have so many fond memories of the stuffies from my childhood (and I actually still have some of them, too!) They can really hold a special place in a kid’s heart. Here’s a few patterns I love:

Berry Patch Boy Bunny

First of all, take a look at this adorable crochet bunny pattern by Grace & Yarn! This could be the perfect gift idea for your little boy. I love how it is even wearing a shirt and overalls…so cute!

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crochet bunny pattern

Felicity the Frog

This one works great for girls or boys: meet Felicity the Amigurumi Frog! This crochet frog is adorable, don’t you think? You can use any DK or worsted weight yarn you have in your stash to make it.

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Amigurumi Crochet Whale

If your child loves sea animals, this crochet whale amigurumi might make the perfect gift! You’ll just need some worsted weight yarn in blue and white to make this little guy come to life. I especially love how unique the blowhole makes it look!

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crochet whale amigurumi pattern

Crochet Elephant Amigurumi

Next up, I just have to show you this crochet elephant. My mom’s favorite animal has always been elephants, so I am always on the lookout for cute patterns! This cutie is made from velvet, which makes him extra soft and squishy. He’s sure to be a favorite among kids!

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crochet elephant amigurumi - crochet gift for kids

Amigurumi Clownfish

Last but not least, a little crocheted Nemo! Although in reality, this Clownfish’s name is Cecil. 😉 I love this pattern so much. It is made from Bernat Blanket Yarn, which not only makes it soft, but also quick to work up.

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Crochet Clownfish

Idea #3: Useful but Fun Crochet Gifts

It’s great when you can crochet something that is both useful and fun, am I right? The next few patterns feature this idea. There will be things like pillows, bags, and more!

Crochet Heart Pillow

First of all, look at this cute heart pillow! I just love it! This pattern uses Bernat Blanket Yarn, so I bet it works up super fast. Not to mention, that yarn will make it extra cozy and soft to lay on.

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crochet heart pillow pattern

Drawstring Bag

Do you have a daughter that loves purses/bags? This cute little drawstring bag is quick and easy, and it makes a great stash-buster project. The tight single crochet stitches are great for any little trinkets your kids might want to put inside.

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crochet bag pattern for kids

Basketball Scrubbie

If you have a kid who loves basketball, here’s an idea: a cute basketball scrubbie! This design works up super fast with just a bit of cotton yarn, so it would make a great last minute crochet gift for kids. And guess what? It might even make washing your face fun! 🤪

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Crochet Basketball Scrubbies - Free Pattern for Boys

Basketball Backpack

Another pattern for the basketball lovers…this one is a backpack! You’ll just need some Red Heart Super Saver yarn to make this, or really any worsted weight yarn you have in your stash. The result is a bag that your child is sure to treasure!

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Basketball Bag - Crochet for Boys

Crochet Crown Pattern

Anyone have kids that like to play dress up? If so, this crochet crown pattern might be the perfect gift idea! Cheryl from Crochet 365 Knit Too did such a great job with this design. I love how stylish the finished crown looks! Perfect for a princess or queen outfit.

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Crochet Crown Pattern

Crochet Pencil Case

The last pattern I’d like to show you is this cute pencil case (designed by me!) Perfect for school or an overnight trip! If you have a child that likes to draw or do artwork, this could also be a great holder for other supplies.

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crochet pencil case pattern

Idea #5: Crochet Play Food

When I was thinking about crochet gifts for kids, there was another category that I KNEW I needed to include: play food! Some of my fondest childhood memories can be traced back to my play kitchen. Making crocheted food for your child is sure to result in fun times of “playing house” or “playing restaurant”!

Crochet Pizza

One amazing crochet food you can make is this cute pizza! Make just one slice or a whole plateful. Of course, if it’s for your child’s restaurant, you’ll probably want to go with a full pizza worth of slices 🤪 These are so little and cute they would make a great last minute gift for kids!

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crochet pizza pattern

Crochet Ice Cream Cone

Of course, you can’t have pizza without…ice cream! I can hardly think of a better food for child’s play than ice cream! This pattern by Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me features 4 ice cream scoops, but you could easily pair that down a bit if you don’t want to make that many.

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crochet ice cream cone gift for kids

Amigurumi Hot Dog Pattern

Who doesn’t love a good hotdog, especially when it has such a cute little face? 😂LOL. This hotdog pattern features the hotdog itself along with a bun and even ketchup and mustard. Almost good enough to eat!

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crochet amigurumi hot dog

Crochet Apple Pattern

Last but not least, we’ll take a turn to a healthier option: a crochet apple! I love how you can customize the color of the apple to get different varieties. The pattern even features a leaf and a stem, as if these apples were picked right off the tree!

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crochet apple pattern

Idea #5: Crochet Clothing & Accessories for Kids

The last category we have to cover is cute items to wear like sweaters, headbands, etc.! I saved this category for last, because, let’s be honest…sometimes to kids, a clothing gift is a little boring.😂 However, it probably depends on the kid. Some may appreciate crocheted clothing more than others!

Allie Ear Warmer

One quick but cute wearable item for kids is this Allie Ear Warmer. Your daughter is sure to stay both warm and stylish with this in their wardrobe! My sister, Heidi, loved this ear warmer and she recommends it for gifts for other little girls!

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crochet ear warmer pattern for kids

Velvet Crochet Cardigan Pattern

If you’re up for a big of a longer project, this Velvet Cardigan is a great option. I think little girls would love it more than a typical clothing gift because of how uniquely soft and squishy it is! The best part is, the pattern is written is a variety of sizes – from 12 months all the way to 10/12 girls!

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Kids Velvet Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Mini Midnight Top

Next up, check out the Mini Midnight Top, designed by me! This top works up super fast (I used Lion Brand Jeans yarn). It is worked from the top down, so you won’t have to worry about any seaming! Available from sizes 2-12.

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mini midnight top—free crochet pattern

North Shore Boy’s Hat & Scarf

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the boys! This crochet hat & scarf set might be the perfect gift for your little boy…especially if he likes camo! It’s sure to keep him warm on blustery days.

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Boys crochet scarf pattern

Me & My Doll Crochet Sunhats

When I saw this cute sunhat, I knew I had to include it! You can make a set for your daughter and her 18″ doll. I don’t know any little girl who doesn’t love matching with her doll. So this is a clothing pattern I’m sure won’t be considered boring!

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crochet sunhat for girl and doll

Heidi Sweater

Another crochet sweater for girls; this one is called the Heidi Sweater! This pattern features a high v-neck, along with mini bobble stitches throughout the design. It would make a great Christmas gift because it is such a warm and cozy sweater!

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kids crochet sweater pattern sizes 2-12

Boys Crochet Cardigan

Here’s another pattern for boys: a classy crochet cardigan! I love how this pattern features post-stitch ribbing along all the edges. You can easily customize it to your child’s liking by using their favorite color!

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Boys crochet cardigan pattern free

Twilight Beanie

Next up I’d like you to meet the Twilight Beanie! This is a great pattern if you’re a crochet beginner. It just uses simple stitches throughout the design (and no increases or decreases!) Top it off with a faux fur pom-pom for extra style!

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crochet hat pattern for girls

Butterfly Crochet Bracelet

If you want something a little smaller, I bet you’ll love this cute butterfly bracelet! If your daughter likes jewelry, this would be a great gift idea for her. You’ll just need a small amount of yarn and some beads.

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crochet bracelet butterfly

Crochet Slipper Socks

I’m excited to show you this next pattern because it makes me think of so many happy memories as a child: crocheted slippers! My parents would always give us a new pair of slippers each Christmas in our stockings. You can easily do the same by using this pattern!

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Crochet Slipper Socks Pattern

Coco Crochet Toddler Headband

If you’re looking for crochet gifts specifically for your toddler, check out this amazing headband by Stitching Together! You’ll just need some worsted weight yarn and knowledge of simple crochet stitches.

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crochet toddler headband pattern

Crochet Bow Headband

Here is another headband pattern that features a bow on the front, and can actually be made in ANY size! This cute accessory is made from the Moss Stitch and is great for dressing up any outfit.

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Crochet Bow Headband - Free Pattern with Size Chart

Crochet Dinosaur Hat

Let’s close this section out with one more boy’s pattern: the Dinosaur Spike Hat! If you have a little boy that loves dinosaurs, this is sure to be a highly popular gift. All you need is some worsted weight yarn to complete it.

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I Love this Yarn Boy's dinosaur hat


As you can see, there are so many different types of things you can crochet as gifts for your kids! The patterns above would work great for Christmas gifts or birthday gifts! I hope you liked browsing through the list and I hope you found the perfect pattern to make!

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