12+ Crochet Gifts for Grandma – Free Elderly Crochet Patterns

So often our Grandma’s crochet for us…maybe it is time for US to crochet for them! In this post I want to show you over 12 gifts for grandmas (or any elderly person in your life!

Crocheting for Grandma

I don’t know about you, but I think Grandmas might be the people who would appreciate crocheted gifts the MOST. Personally, my Grandma was the one who taught me to crochet. Even though she knows how to crochet, she still appreciates handmade gifts that I give her.

Crocheting gifts for our grandmas can be a great way to show them how much we appreciate them (and everything they have taught us!)

12+ Crochet Gifts for Grandma - Free Elderly Crochet Patterns

Easy Crochet Patterns for the Elderly

All of the patterns that I am about to show you are geared toward elderly people. I have chosen some patterns that look more old-fashioned, since this may be what older people will appreciate. However, I have also chosen some patterns that are useful items for older people. Hopefully you find the perfect gift idea!

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crochet gifts for grandma and elderly

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Crocheting for Nursing Homes/Seniors

Just one more note before getting started. Many of these patterns will ALSO work if you are looking for patterns to make for nursing home patients or seniors’ homes. The patterns that will likely work best in this case are the lap blankets and shawls, especially if the items are going to people who can’t get up and around much.

Just keep this in mind as you browse through the patterns!

Crochet Gifts for Grandma/Elderly – the List!

So without further ado, let’s get into the patterns!

1. Helena Shawl

First up, I wanted to show you the Helena Shawl. This pattern is very close to MY heart because the center portion was actually crocheted by my great-grandma. I turned it into a larger shawl pattern and named it after her! The granny-square look is classic and might be perfect for your grandma too.

Helena Shawl crochet gift for grandma

2. Pear Blossoms Doily

What do Grandma’s love more than doilies? This Pear Blossoms Doily is so pretty and it doesn’t look too complicated to make either.

doily crochet gift for grandma

3. Flower Granny Square Blanket

Want to put a little twist on the classic granny square? Try this Flower Granny Square Blanket, designed by Agat from Made by Gootie. All the bright colors are sure to cheer up an elderly person!

colorful blanket crochet gift for grandma

4. Colorful Crochet Washcloth

If your grandma is still up and around, a great gift idea is a crochet washcloth! This Colorful Crochet Washcloth is easy to make and works up very quickly,

crochet washcloth pattern

5. Whirlpool Crochet Coin Purse

Grandmas and their coins…am I right? 😉 If your Grandma likes keeping all their coins like mine does, the Whirlpool Coin Purse would make a great gift! I specifically love the texture in this little purse!

coin purse crochet gift for grandma

6. Granny Square Poncho

Need something light but also warm for your Grandma? Try this Granny Square Poncho, designed by CrochetnCrafts. It is simple to make, and you’ll just need some DK weight yarn to get started!

crochet poncho for the elderly

7. 30-Minute Crochet Trivet

For Grandmas who love to cook…meet the 30-Minute Trivet! This pattern uses a huge yarn, which is why you can work it up in just 30 minutes. It is perfect for keeping your table safe from hot pots and pans!

30 minute trivet crochet pattern

8. Mermaid Tears Shawl

The Mermaid Tears Shawl would make a great crochet gift for nursing home patients. Can’t you just see this wrapped around a little old lady’s shoulders for extra warmth? The lace stitch pattern used is beautiful and is sure to be appreciated.

Crochet shawl pattern for the elderly

9. Lacy Scoops Crochet Doily

Another doily pattern, but this one is more colorful! The Lacy Scoops Crochet Doily would be perfect for Grandmas/elderly people who like a modern twist on old classics.

doily crochet gift for grandma

10. Crochet Village Blanket

Speaking of a “modern twist”—this Crochet Winter Village Blanket is a modern crochet blanket featuring lots of colorwork! This blanket really caught my eye when I was looking for patterns for older people. I mean, think about it – all the homes they have lived in, the places they have been, the people they have impacted! I guess this blanket made me think of a life well-lived. You could even customize it and embroidery people’s names or places on the individual houses!

Crochet Village Blanket for the elderly

11. Such Simple Crochet Poncho

Next up, you just have to meet the Such Simple Poncho! I love the photo below showing a younger and older person wearing this design. What a great idea – you could make matching ponchos for you and your grandma!

crochet poncho gift for grandma

12. Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket

One more crochet blanket: the Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket was actually designed FOR a grandma! The thick, closed stitch pattern is sure to keep an older person warm in the cold winter months.

grandma's textured crochet lap blanket

13. Crochet Dish Scrubber

A quick & easy gift that is sure to please: a crochet dish scrubber! Made from special yarn, scrubbers are durable, long lasting, and can clean dirty pots and pans in a jiffy. I bet this is a gift that grandma would use over and over again! I have two free patterns you can try – a square one or a round one.

scrubbie crochet patterns

13. Aldi Quarter Keeper

Does your grandma shop at Aldi? (Or does she just like to have quarters on her at all times?) If so, this Aldi Quarter Keeper would make such a thoughtful gift! And it is so small you could easily make multiple in a day.

aldi quarter keeper for grandma

14. Cross Basket

Last, but certainly not least, meet the Cross Basket! This basket would make wonderful gift for any Grandma who is religious.

Cross basket crochet pattern


So there you have it – some lovely crochet gifts for grandmas! As you can see, there are lots of things you can crochet that a grandma will appreciate. Just make sure you tailor your gift to the things you know about YOUR grandma! Or if you’re crocheting for a nursing home, choose a more generic gift.

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Happy Crocheting!

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