15+ Crochet Gifts for Teachers: All Free Patterns!

Teachers play such an important role in so many lives. What a better way to thank them than by crocheting them a gift? Today I want to share over 15 free patterns that would make perfect crochet gifts for teachers.

There is something so sweet about getting gifts from the little ones you put in so much effort to teach.

While I am not a public school teacher, I am a piano teacher! The times when my students have brought me Christmas gifts has always blessed my heart.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the teacher in your life, these ideas should help!

15+ Crochet Gifts for Teachers - All Free Patterns

What should I crochet my teacher?

There are SO many different things you can crochet for a teacher! They often make the perfect recipient of a crochet gift. Here are a few ideas that pop into my head:

  • Crochet baskets/desk organization
  • Coffee cup cozies
  • “School” themed items (things that feature apples, pencils, etc.)
  • Christmas decorations

Hopefully these ideas get your thinking cap turned on – which is what your teacher would want anyway, right?! 😉

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For the purposes of this post, I want to separate the teacher gifts into 3 different categories. The first 2 categories will work great for ANY occasion you might need a teacher gift (like teacher appreciation week, Christmas, birthday, etc.).

Then the last category will be focused specifically on Christmas-themed gifts for teachers.

To see the categories and skip to the ones you are interested, use the table of contents below!

Table of Contents

Practical Crochet Gifts for Teachers

Most people think of apples and pencils when they think of crochet gifts for teachers. And don’t worry, I WILL show you some patterns like that! But I want to start by thinking outside the box. Let’s look at some practical gifts teachers are sure to love!

Mini Crochet Baskets

First of all, check out these Mini Crochet Baskets in 3 Sizes. Aren’t they adorable? I could totally see these sitting on a teacher’s desk. They can be customized in a variety of colors to whichever your teacher likes best! And best of all, they are made in bulky weight yarn so they work up very fast.

crochet baskets for teachers

Crocheted Face Scrubbies

Another thoughtful gift idea for teachers is some Crochet Face Scrubbies! Not only do scrubbies work up extremely fast, but they are also very practical. You can wash your face with them over and over, or even use them to remove makeup!

Scrubbie crochet pattern for girls

Rustic Crochet Scarf

Next up, meet the Rustic Lace Scarf! If your teacher wears a lot of cozy accessories, a crocheted scarf could be the perfect gift. This scarf uses a soft DK weight yarn paired with a beautiful lace stitch pattern.

Rustic Lace Scarf Teacher Crochet Gift

Plant Holder

Does your teacher love plants? A crocheted plant holder + a plant might just make the perfect gift! This Pattern by Easy Crochet uses simple single crochet paired with some cute bobbles at the bottom. And best of all, you can download the thank you tag you see in the photo for free too!

Crochet Plant Holder Teacher Gift

Dish Scrubber

Quick, easy, and VERY practical: a Crochet Dish Scrubber! These little guys work up in a jiffy and are sure to be used over and over again due to their durability. I have two different scrubby patterns you can try – both a square one and a round one!

scrubbie crochet patterns

Crochet Coasters

Another practical crochet gift for teachers is coasters! These Forget-Me-Not Coasters feature a cute flower surrounded by lace. A teacher could use these on their desk, or take them home and get even more use out of them!

Cup Cozy + Giftcard

A gift that is both practical and very thoughtful: A cup cozy plus a gift card to Starbucks! These cozies work up super fast with worsted weight cotton yarn. They will fit a tall or grande cup from Starbucks! The pattern comes with the free label download too.

Rectangle Shawl

If you have a bit more time to spend and you know your teacher likes shawls, the this Rectangle Crochet Shawl might be perfect! It actually doesn’t take as much time as you might think, because it uses a bulky weight yarn. 🙂

rectangular crochet shawl pattern

Crochet Hanging Baskets

Last in this category (but not least!) meet the Moonbeam Baskets! Another great idea for a teacher’s organization. These baskets could be hung in the schoolroom if there is space, or at home.

hanging baskets crochet

Simple Crochet Blanket

Need a gift for a guy teacher? This jumbo crochet blanket might work well. There are 6 different sizes included in the pattern so you could choose one based on how much time you have to spend on the project.

Jumbo Mens Crochet Blanket Pattern

Looking for crochet gifts for family members? Check out my guide on crochet gifts for men, or gifts for grandma.

School-Themed Crochet Gifts for Teachers

Now for the fun part! Here I want to feature my favorite school-themed crochet patterns. Pencils, apples, etc. I hope you love them!

Pencil Wall Hanging

First up, meet the Pencil Wall Hanging Pattern by Heart Hook Home. I think this design is so adorable! It is long and can be easy hung up with a few clothes pins. You’ll just need some worsted weight yarn to get started with this nice gift.

Crochet Pencil Wall Hanging Gift for Teachers

Pencil Cup Cozy

Pencil-themed items really do make great gifts for teachers. This Pencil Cup Cozy is SO cute and also quick to make! Lindsay from Winding Road Crochet did such a great job with this design. I love the button closure too.

Pencil Cup Cozy Crochet Gift for Teachers

Apple Cup Cozy

Another cup cozy that is teacher-themed is this Apple Cup Cozy! I love how the pattern uses a uniquely textured stitch rather than just single crochet or double crochet. The little stem and leaf really top off the whole thing!

Crochet Apple Cup Cozy for Teachers

Teacher Gnome

Winding Road Crochet does it yet again! I love all her crochet patterns for teachers, so I couldn’t help but also include this Teacher Gnome Crochet Pattern. This gift would take a bit longer to crochet, but I know it would be worth the effort. You can even customize the gnome to be male or female for different teachers.

Teacher Gnome Crochet Pattern

Crochet Pencil Pillow

Last but DEFINITELY not least, check out this Crochet Pencil Pillow by A Crafty Concept! Wow, this is awesome. Again, another longer project, but just think of the look on your teacher’s face when they saw this! I know they would appreciate the time and hard work spent.

Pencil Pillow Crochet Pattern for Teachers

Christmas Themed Gifts for Teachers

If you want to give your teacher a Christmas gift, the above gifts would work…OR you can give them a gift that specifically says “Christmas”! Those are the types of patterns I want to show you in this section.

Christmas Tree Ornament

Let’s start out with a classic: a Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament! This ornament is made from puff stitches which gives it such a pretty, unique texture.

Crochet Flat Christmas Tree Ornament Pattern

Snowman Ornament

Another ornament you could make is this cute Crochet Snowman! This little guy has a top hat, a carrot nose, and even a cozy scarf. He is sure to put a smile on any teacher’s face!

Crochet Snowman Ornament

For more Christmas ornament ideas for teachers, check out this post with 12 patterns total!

Christmas Wall Hanging

Does your teacher need some Christmas decor hanging on the walls of the classroom? Try making this Christmas Wall Hanging! It features a cute Christmas scene with presents and a tree.

Christmas Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

Bobble Christmas Trees

Looking for a Christmas tree that actually stands up? These Bobble Trees are super cute. MJ’s Off the Hook Designs did such a great job with this pattern! It even comes in 4 different sizes!

Christmas Tree Crochet bobble Sweater


There are so many great crochet patterns out there for teachers. Of course, the standard most people think of are apples and pencils…but there is much more beyond that! I think my favorite gift idea in this list is the coffee cup cozy that includes a gift to Starbucks. Maybe I’ll have to make that soon. What are you going to make for YOUR teacher? Let me know in the comments!

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Happy Crocheting!

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