15+ Worsted Weight Yarn Crochet Hat Patterns – All Free!

Are you looking for the best crochet hat patterns out there that use worsted weight yarn? You are in the right place! I’ve put together a list of more than 15 worsted weight hat patterns that are perfect for crocheters of all skill levels!

Are you a hat person?

I’m guessing you probably are if you came to this post. 😉

And you’re not the hat person, there is probably someone in your life who IS!

That’s how it is for me. Personally, I don’t wear a lot of hats, so if I’m crocheting a hat it is most likely going to be for a loved one.

Whatever reason you’re looking for a crochet hat pattern today, you’re going to find a bunch of cool ones in this list! The best part is: all these hats use worsted weight yarn.

What is worsted weight yarn?

Worsted weight. Though the term sounds a little strange, it’s not hard to understand at all. Worsted weight yarn is considered a “classic” yarn weight. It’s not too thick, and not too thin, so it is also considered to be perfect for crochet beginners.

Another way you can think of the word “worsted” when it comes to yarn is medium weight. It’s not bulky, and it’s not thin and lacy. It is right in the middle!

What type of yarn is best for hats anyway?

While you can use a variety of yarn weights when crocheting a hat, worsted weight is by far the most common. Worsted weight yarn and crocheted hats are just two things that work well together, you know? Worsted weight yarn makes for a warm hat, without it being too bulky on your head.

Because it does make for such nice hats, I decided to put together this list of patterns. So without further ado, let me know you over 15 crochet hats that use worsted weight yarn!

Worsted Weight Yarn Crochet Hats – the List

As we get into the list of patterns, let me explain how this is going to work. Instead of just listing all the hats all together, I’ve broken them up into 4 different categories of patterns. If you like one specific kind of hat, just click the table of contents below to skip to those patterns!

Table of Contents

  1. Easy Hats for Beginners
  2. Slouchy Crochet Hats
  3. Crochet Hats for Men
  4. More Unique Crochet Beanies
20 Crochet Hat Patterns with Worsted Weight Yarn

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Easy Crochet Hat Patterns

Let’s first take a look at some of my absolute favorite easy crochet hat patterns! I like to call these hats “easy peasie crochet beanies” because they’re just so easy to make! Every single one uses simple stitches and construction that should be perfect for someone getting started with crochet.

Lemon Peel Hat

The first hat I’d like to show you is the beautiful Lemon Peel Hat. Isn’t it so cute? This pattern is also super easy to recreate and is the perfect project to make while your watching TV or listening to music. You can get the free pattern here.

Lemon Peel Crochet Hat with Worsted Weight Yarn

Twilight Beanie

Next up is one of my patterns: the Twilight Beanie. This pattern is super fast and easy to make, and it’s the perfect cozy hat for the winter! This design can also be easily customized and adjusted to have several different colors and to fit any head size! You can get the free pattern here.

Crochet Hat Pattern Worsted Weight Yarn

Adorable Baby Hat

Next is this cute Baby Hat crochet pattern. I just love the flower design on this one! This hat also makes a great gift idea for any moms with young kids! You can get the free pattern here.

Crochet baby hat

Ashland Rib Stitch Beanie

Another one of my favorite beginner-friendly crochet hat designs is this gorgeous Ahsland Rib Stitch Beanie. I just love how this is a knit-look crochet hat. This pattern is great for learning and practicing the rib stitch and is easy to customize with different yarn weights and colors. You can get the free pattern here.

Knit-Look Crochet Hat, Worsted weight

Maiya’s Roommate’s Hat

Next up is Maiya’s Roommate’s Hat pattern. This beanie is so cute and cozy and is the perfect hat to keep your head warm in the winter! (Also, yes, I know this one is also slouchy, but because it’s so easy to make, I couldn’t resist including it in this section!) 😜 You can find the free pattern here.

Ribbed Crochet Hat

Ombre Beanie

Last up, meet the Ombre Beanie! This design is so unique and beautiful. The yarn it uses makes for such an elegant ombre look! That, mixed with back loop stitches, is sure to make a statement. You can find the free pattern here.

Ombre Beanie Crochet Pattern

Slouchy Hat Crochet Patterns

Next, let’s take a look at some of my favorite slouchy hat crochet patterns. All of these patterns are so different, yet they have one thing in common: that slouch!

In fact, if you’re wondering how you crochet a slouchy hat, these patterns have you covered with patterns, tutorials, and more.

Sheridan Ridge Slouchy Hat

To start off, meet the Sheridan Ridge Slouchy Hat pattern! This pattern uses a combination of stitches to create the beautiful arrow-like texture. This hat is also a great one for Spring since it’s light and breathable. You can get the free pattern here.

Textured Slouchy crochet hat

Easy Wear Slouchy Beanie

Next you just have to see the Easy Wear Slouchy Beanie pattern. I just love the simplicity of this one! This quick crochet hat is so cute, yet so simple, and it can be used as a fun and warm accessory to dress up or down an outfit! You can find the free pattern here.

Simple Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern

Jessica Slouch Beanie

Another one of my favorite slouchy beanie patterns is this gorgeous Jessica Slouch Beanie. This beanie is so cozy and fun! This hat also makes a great winter accessory or gift idea! You can get the free pattern here.

Slouchy Crochet Hat with Worsted Weight Yarn

Argyle Beanie

Next up, look at this gorgeous Argyle Beanie designed by Jennifer Poink. This pattern uses a worsted weight yarn (as do they all) but this one just looks extra warm and cozy! The chevron stitching also gives it an elegant, yet classic winter feel to it. You can get the free pattern here.

Argyle Beanie Crochet Pattern

Everest Slouchy Beanie

Lastly, check out this beautiful Everest Beanie! Isn’t it so pretty? This beanie is so stylish and customizable! You can use all kinds of different colored yarns, add pom-poms, or just leave it the way it is. You can get the free pattern here.

Pretty crochet slouch beanie

Crochet Hats for Men

Are you looking to make a fun and practical gift for a man in your life (a dad, grandfather, boyfriend, etc.)? Check out some of my favorite crochet beanie patterns for men!

Military Beanie

First up, meet the Military Beanie pattern. This beanie makes a great Veteran’s Day gift for a man in your family or friend group who has served his country. This hat is also great for the cold fall and winter months! You can get the free pattern here.

Crochet hat for men

Chevron Peak Slouchy Beanie

Next up is this stylish Chevron Peak Beanie. This beanie is so fun and can actually be made and adjusted to fit girls OR guys! You can get the free pattern here.

Men's crochet hat with worsted weight yarn

Two-Tone Crochet Beanie

Next, check out this Two-Tone Crochet Beanie! This pattern is so unique in the sense that it can be reversed and worn either frontside or inside out to reveal two different textures! You can also have fun experimenting with different color combinations! You can get the free pattern here.

Men's Crochet Hat Pattern

Better Together Unisex Beanie

Last but not least is this unisex beanie designed by Janet from Simplicity Hooked. This pattern can be made simply as a gift for a man in your life, or you can make another for yourself as well! This beanie also super customizable and can be made with several different colors and yarns. You can get the free pattern here.

Men's slouchy hat crochet pattern

More Unique Crochet Hats

The last couple of hats I’d like to show you didn’t necessarily have one factor that brought them all together…but they were so unique that I still had to include them! Keep a look out for extra beautiful stitches and textures. 😉

Aspen Alpine Hat

First up, meet the Aspen Alpine Hat designed by Tahryn from Burgundy Blush. This pattern is so fun and cute, and it makes a perfect hat for the winter! Also, yep, you guessed it – this hat uses the Alpine Stitch! You can get the free hat pattern here.

Alpine Stitch Hat Crochet Pattern

Jelly Beanie

The next pattern I’d like to show you is this adorable Jelly Beanie. This pattern is so unique, and the creative stitch design looks just like little jelly beans! You can find the free pattern here.

Jelly Beanie with crochet puff stitches

Women’s Ribbed Beanie

Another unique pattern is this awesome Women’s Beanie pattern made by Suzanne from Crafting Each Day. This pattern is especially fun because you can experiment with all kinds of yarns and colors! I love the self-striping effect that Suzanne created. You can find the free pattern here.

Women's ribbed beanie crochet

Timeless Boho Beanie

This next pattern is so cool-looking and fashionable! I just love the classic feel of this one! It’s more of a spring/summer hat because it has lots of holes. But that’s what makes it unique! You can easily make this pattern even more unique by using different colors, hook sizes, and accessories. You can get the free pattern here.

Boho Crochet Hat Pattern

Alpine Dreams Beanie

Last, but definitely not least is this beautiful Alpine Dreams Beanie pattern. I just love the chunky stitch design. This hat is so warm and cozy! You can find the free pattern here.

Alpine Dreams Beanie


So there you have it – over 15 crochet beanies that feature the classic worsted weight yarn! Maybe you need a hat for a gift, or maybe you want to crochet a hat for yourself – either way I hope you were able to find your next project in this list. So don’t wait! Grab your hook and start one of these awesome patterns today.

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