29 Useful & Small Crochet Projects to Try Today

Do you have a lot of scrap yarn lying around? Or maybe you just don’t have the time to crochet a bigger project? Either way, sometimes we all need small crochet projects. They’re quick and satisfying to make! I’ve compiled a list of useful, small crochet patterns that are great for gifts, selling, and more!

Useful Small Crochet Projects Collage

There’s just something so great and satisfying about getting to the end of a crochet project. But with all the craziness going on, finding time to actually finish a larger pattern can be rough. That’s why I love these smaller crochet designs! You can make them easily within an hour and still feel that sense of accomplishment.

useful, small crochet project collage

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What small thing should I crochet?

Deciding on a small crochet project is really up to what types of items you like! Think about your end goal. If the project is for you, you can go any direction.

If the item is a gift, think about the recipient’s likes and dislikes. And if you need small projects for selling, take a good look at the pattern before starting—you don’t want to commit to making tons of one thing if you don’t like it very much!

With that said, I’ve split up the small crochet items in this post into a few different categories. Use the links below to jump to any you prefer.

Table of Contents

  1. Small Crochet Projects for Leftover Yarn
  2. Mini Crochet Patterns
  3. Small Projects for Selling or Gifts
  4. Small Crochet Amigurumi
  5. Small Projects for Chunky Yarn

Small Projects for Leftover Yarn

Do you have lots of scrap yarn lying around that you just don’t know what to do with? If so, I think you’ll enjoy these first few patterns! (They work great for small gifts too).

Seaside Mug Rug

First up is one I designed: the Seaside Mug Rug! This unique coaster features a combination of triple crochets a shell stitches that give it a fun, beachy look! The fun fringe edging really adds the perfect touch. If you’re looking for a fun last minute gift idea or a cute home decor idea, you should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Mary Maxim Ultra Mellowspun Yarn

Mug Rug Coaster Pattern

Flower Freezer Pop Holder

Next is a really unique one: the Flower Freezer Pop Holder. This pattern is super cute, practical, and makes the summertime even more sweet! This pattern works up pretty quickly and uses minimal yarn, so it would be a great last minute gift for any little ones in your life.

Designer: Jo to the World

Yarn Used: Loops & Threads Impeccable Solid

flower crochet freeze pop holder

Flower Coaster

Have you ever crocheted a coaster before? They’re super quick and easy projects that are a time and cost-effective way to add some brightness to your home. These Flower Coaster are no exception! These coasters in particular are so simple, yet beautiful. Because of their two-toned design, the color combination possibilities are endless!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Peaches ‘N Cream Yarn

flower coaster crochet

Crocheted Edge Jar Opener

Have you seen this pattern before? It’s called the Crocheted Edge Jar Opener. These guys are incredibly quick and simple to create, and they make a super useful additions to your kitchen! Since the only crocheted part is the edging, you can truly use just about any scrap yarn you have lying around, or you can even make several in all kinds of colors to give out as gifts!

Designer: One Craft at a Time

Yarn Used: I Love this Cotton

crochet edge jar opener

Crochet Dice Bag

Here’s another one I designed: the Crochet Dice Bag! This design combines an elegant stitch pattern with a practical drawstring design for the perfect dice bag. It also works up fairly quickly (the small one can be finished in under an hour!). This will make the perfect addition to your family game night!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: I Love This Cotton

crochet dice bag

Blue Skies Round Crochet Dishcloth

Another one of my favorite stash-busting projects is the Blue Skies Round Dishcloth! This one has a gorgeous stitch design and texture. Another thing I love about this one is how quickly and easily it can be worked up (it only takes about 45 minutes!). This would make a beautiful gift or addition to your kitchen.

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Lily Sugar ‘N Cream Yarn

round crochet dishcloth

Lacy Crochet Cord Holder

I don’t know about you, but I’m always getting my cords tangled up. No matter how many times I try to fold them up neatly, they always seem to do their own thing. That’s why I love this Crochet Cord Holder! Not only is it super practical, but it’s beautiful as well. You can make several of these in different colors and your cords will be organized and in check in no time!

Designer: Kerilynn Engel from CraftBits

small lacy crochet cord holder

Granny Square Bookmark and Glasses Holder

Are you looking for a unique gift idea? If so, I think you’ll enjoy this Granny Square Bookmark and Glasses Holder set! These guys are built up of tiny granny squares that give this set a fun, vintage vibe. Since they’re built up by individual squares, you can easily adjust the size and colors to make them unique and personalized!

Designer: Simply Melanie Jane

granny square bookmark

Mini Crochet Patterns

Next, let me show you some of my favorite mini crochet projects! These are patterns that are designed to be a “mini” version of a larger itme—or, they’re just super tiny.

Keychain Chapstick Holder

First up, meet the Keychain Chapstick Holder. These guys are super simple and to make and use little yarn, so they’re great for stash-busting as well! Since they work up really quickly and look great in all colors, they make perfect little gifts or additions to your craft fair inventory!

Designer: Jen Hayes Creations

Yarn Used: Any worsted weight yarn

small crochet keychain chapstick holder

Stash Buster Mini Basket

Next, meet the Stash Buster Mini Baskets! These guys are super simple and quick to make and are perfect for using up any little bits of yarn you have in your stash. They’re great for organization or for holding any little knick knacks you have lying around!

Designer: Sweet Bee Crochet

Yarn Used: Any scrap yarn

crochet mini stash buster basket

Heart Jar Cozy

Next up is a fun one: the Heart Jar Cozy! Aren’t these guys so cute? I love how the pretty texture looks paired with the heart motif. These guys are perfect for adding some cuteness to your storage jars, or you can even add in a tealight for an extra fun decor piece! This pattern is also easily adjustable, so you can make lots of these to fit anything from an old bottle to a storage container. These would be super fun to give out on Valentine’s Day!

Designer: Hooked on Patterns

Yarn Used: Stylecraft Craft Cotton

crochet heart jar cozy

Crochet Mitten Ornament

Have you started on your Christmas crochet projects yet? Why not start with this cute Crochet Mitten Ornament! These guys are absolutely adorable and would make the perfect addition to your tree this year. You could also whip up a bunch of these to give out as gifts!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: WeCrochet Brava Sport Yarn

mini crochet mittens

Mini Hat Ornament

Next up is another fun Christmas pattern: the Mini Hat Ornament! This little guy is super quick and easy to make, so even a beginner could easily tackle this one! Another thing I love about this one is how easy it is to customize. You can either leave it one color, or mix and match with two different colors to make it go along perfectly with your color scheme!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: WeCrochet Brava Sport Yarn

mini crochet beanie hat

Mini Keyhole Scarf Ornament

Last but not least for this category, meet the Mini Keyhole Scarf Ornament! I don’t know what it is about these tiny ornaments, but I just love them. I mean, who doesn’t love a miniature piece? Thanks to the camel stitch, this scarf has a really unique texture. The keyhole design is so cute and would make this ornament equally perfect to use as a doll scarf! Pair this with the last two ornaments to make a super cute and fun gift set!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: WeCrochet Brava Sport Yarn

mini crochet scarf ornament

Quick Crochet Projects to Sell

Are you looking for some more unique items to add to your craft fair/boutique inventory this year? If so, I think you’ll really enjoy these next few patterns!

Sunflower Coaster

To start off, check out the Sunflower Coaster! These guys are so bright and happy looking, they’re perfect for brightening up your kitchen! Not only are these guys super cute, but they’re seriously quick and easy to make (they can be made in under 20 minutes!). Make a few sets, and these would be the perfect thing to add to your craft fair stock!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Heartland and Yarn Bee Soft Secret

crochet sunflower coaster pattern
Home Decor

Suzy Flower Face Scrubbies

Reusable facial projects are becoming more popular right now. They’re easy to use, economical, and can be washed again and again for continual use. That’s why these Suzy Flower Face Scrubbies or the perfect thing to sell in your craft boutique! These guys are super quick and easy to make, have a gorgeous, practical texture, and can be easily customized to make lots of different sets.

Designer: Sweet Bee Crochet

Yarn Used: WeCrochet Dishie Cotton

flower crochet face scrubbies

20 Minute Crochet Soap Saver

Here’s another practical project: the 20 Minute Crochet Soap Saver! Like the name implies, these guys seriously work up super quickly. These soap savers feature a mesh stitch design with a cute drawstring that gives it a fun, modern look. They also don’t use a ton of yarn, so they’re perfect for making on a time crunch!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn

crochet soap saver

Everglade Ear Warmer

Next, meet the Everglade Ear Warmer! This guy is super warm, cozy, and stylish. This pattern in particular features a really unique, gorgeous texture that’ll be sure bring some interest over to your booth. Another thing I love about this pattern is how easy it is to adjust to different head sizes. You can make lots of these in all kinds of colors and sizes to add some fun options!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Malabrigo Rios 

green puff stitch crochet ear warmer

Round Scrubbie

Are you looking for an even quicker pattern? Check out the Round Scrubbie! This guy is super quick and easy to make, yet incredibly useful, making it a great last-minute addition to your craft fair inventory. Another I love about these guys is they’re beginner friendly, so they’re a great project for those of you just starting off.

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Yarn Bee Scrubology Yarn

Free Round Scrubby Crochet Pattern

Beginner-Friendly Ice Cream Cozy

Lastly, meet the Beginner-Friendly Ice Cream Cozy. What I love about this one is how unique it is. You don’t see this very often at craft boutiques, yet it’s so practical. This pattern features a fun, rib-like texture that makes it super easy to put on and grip. You can make these in all kinds of fun colors for a unique and bright display!

Designer: Sigoni Macaroni

Yarn Used: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn

crochet ice creamy cozy quick project

Small Crochet Amirugumi

Next, check out some of my favorite plushie patterns!

Chunky Bumble Bee

First up, meet the Chunky Bumble Bee! Isn’t he so cute? I love the tiny wings and antennae! Since this guy is so little, he works up quickly and uses little yarn. Since bees are trending right now, these would make great plushies to sell or give out as gifts!

Designer: Sigoni Macaroni

Yarn Used: Amigo Giga Yarn

crochet bee amigurumi

Owl Amirugumi

Are you looking for something a little different? If so, I think you’ll love this Owl Amirugumi! Birds of all kinds are super fun to crochet, and Hoot is no exception! I mean, who doesn’t love a plush owl? These guys are pretty simple to make, and are so fun to customize! Since there are a few different parts that you have to piece together, there’s a lot of room for experimenting with different color combos.

Designer: Loops and Love Crochet

Yarn Used: WeCrochet Brava Worsted Yarn

(Photo didn’t work)

Crab Amigurumi

Next up let introduce to the Crab Amigurumi. This little guy is fairly simple to make and would make an adorable addition to your craft fair stock. These guys look great in all colors, so you can stick to a more traditional color scheme, or make a fun display with several different colors!

Designer: Loops and Love Crochet

Yarn Used: WeCrochet Brava Worsted Yarn

(Photo didn’t work)

Crochet Candy Corn

Are you looking for a Fall or Halloween pattern? If so, I bet you’ll enjoy this Crochet Candy Corn! Since this design is built up of single crochets, it works up quickly and easily, and makes the perfect Halloween decor! They’re also great for using up scrap yarn. Whether you sell them or give them out as fun party favors, they’re sure to be a hit!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

small crochet candy corn

Charlie the Chunky Bear

The last amirugumi pattern I’d like to show you is Charlie the Chunky Bear! Isn’t he so cute? I love the classic, teddy bear look. Something I love about this pattern is that the head, legs, and arms are worked up at once, so there’s only minimal sewing required! And, if you use a chunky yarn it works up quickly as well!

Designer: The Nicole Chase

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Hometown

small crochet teddy bear project

Small Projects With Chunky Yarn

Do you have some chunky yarn lying around, just waiting to be used up? Or maybe you just prefer using it since it works up more quickly than a regular, worsted weight yarn. Either way, I think you’ll enjoy these last few patterns!

Crochet Basket

First up, check out the Crochet Basket. Baskets are great for selling at craft fairs because they’re small and simple enough to easily make in bulk, and they’re also incredibly useful for organization, so they’re easy to sell! This pattern features three different sizes, so you can sell them as a set or individually. And, using chunky yarn makes them extra sturdy!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: LIon Brand Hometown USA

Crochet Basket Pattern in 3 Sizes - Free & Easy!

Clustered V-Stitch Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs

Next, check out these Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs! This pattern features a gorgeous texture that pairs beautifully with a thicker yarn. These guys are both practical and stylish, making them easy to sell. With the colder months quickly approaching, boot cuffs are a great thing to sell at a craft boutique or give out as gifts!

Designer: CrochetnCrafts

Yarn Used: Loops and Threads Charisma

crochet boot cuffs

Quick and Easy Cross Pattern

Next, take a look at the Quick and Easy Cross Pattern. These guys are super quick and easy to make. I just love the rustic feel they have! These crosses would make great decor pieces, appliques, key chains, etc.! Another thing I love about them is that they’re a great conversational starter and may give you opportunities to share the gospel!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

cross applique crochet pattern

Super Bulky Mug Cozy

The last pattern I’d like to show you is this Super Bulky Mug Cozy! Whether you’re a coffee or tea lover, you really can’t go wrong with a mug cozy. Now that we’re nearing the holiday season, these are going to come in handy! This guy is made with extra chunky yarn, so it works up super quickly. You can makes lots of these in all kinds of colors and add them to your craft fair inventory or give out as fun gifts!

Designer: Love Life Yarn

Yarn Used: Malabrigo Rasta

chunky crochet mug cozy


As you can see, there are a variety of different crochet projects you can make when you have limited time. In fact, small, useful projects like these are some of my favorite! It is so satisfying to finish crocheting something in a day or two. I hope you liked this post and found the perfect pattern in the list!


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Happy Crocheting!

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