107 Free Stash-Buster Crochet Patterns – Use Leftover Yarn!

Who wants to use up some leftover YARN? I know I have been lately, with so much time on my hands! I participated in a pretty awesome crochet Stash-Buster challenge awhile back, and now I have a HUGE list of free stash-buster crochet patterns for you!

The goal of this post is to help you find patterns to use up your leftover yarn! We all have quite a bit of time on our hands (not to mention yarn stores being closed!) so why not use up what you have?

With this huge list of stash-busters, you’ll be able to find the perfect projects for those annoying leftovers.

107 Free Stash-Buster Crochet Patterns - Use Leftover Yarn!

107 Stash-Buster Crochet Patterns…Say what?

I know this sounds like a huge list! Because there are so many patterns, I haven’t included pictures for each one. Instead, you can read the names and click over to any one that sounds interesting.

I am ALL for using up the leftover yarn that you have! 🙌

Frustrated By Crochet Garments? Maybe You're Afraid to even start...

Frustrated By Crochet Garments?

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What is a Stash-Buster?

Before we get into the list of patterns, let’s cover a few important things about stash-busters. Such as, what ARE they anyhow?

In the crochet-world, “stash-busters” refer to any type of pattern that helps you use up the yarn that you have right now.

The point of a stash buster crochet pattern is not to buy new yarn. Instead, it is to find yarn in your stash, and use it up.

So what can you crochet with scrap yarn?

Pretty much ANYTHING. In the list I’m about to show you, there are 107 amazing patterns. Things from cowls, to washcloths, to headbands, to earrings, to coasters…

You name it, it is probably included, haha!

What I want you to remember as you click into these patterns is that not ALL of them will work for your yarn stash. Why? Because there are such a wide variety of patterns I have included, and your yarn stash will be different from other people’s!

And that is totally okay. As you scroll through, just keep this in mind, and use the patterns that work for you!

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Further Reading – 8 Ingenious Tips for using up your yarn stash

You can view the list of stash busting patterns below, but if you want broader IDEAS for using your yarn stash, make sure to read these 8 tips as well!

107 Free Stash-Buster Crochet Patterns—the LIST!

Here we go!

1. Striped Sunglasses Pouch
2. Sunday at the Pool Coaster
3. Basketweave Baby Booties
4. Quick & Easy Earrings
5. Spring Sparkle Coasters
6. Knit baby booties
7. Daisy Headband
8. Zipper Pouch
9. Butterfly Cardigan
10. Team Spirit Scrunchie
11. Flower Face Scrubs
12. Sideways Dishcloth
13. Assorted Rose Bouquet
14. Fox face brooch
15. Sweet & Simple Bowtie Head Warmer
16. The Classic Cowl
17. Somerside Dishcloth
18. Windmill Coasters
19. Spiral Baby Hat
20. Simple basket
21. Honeycomb Cowl
22. Short and Chunky Fingerless Gloves
23. Whale amigurumi
24. Easy AF Crochet Headband/Ribbon
25. Reusable ear protector
26. Spring Modern Granny Infinity Scarf
27. Venus’s Looking Glass Motif
28. Tunisian Mug Rug
29. Florabelle Fingerless Gloves
30. Easy Boho Evening Purse
31. Arewa Ear Warmer

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32. Your Favorite Pot Holders
33. Happy feet baby socks
34. Strawberry Pacifier Clip
35. Rosebud Beanie
36 Face Scrubbies and a Bowl
37. Woodland Tote
38. Western Style Wall Hanging
39. Primrose Granny square
40. Everlasting Infinity Scarf
41. Stashbusting Lace Scarf
42. Crocus Headband
43. Seaglass Bandana Scarf
44. Two Toned Beanie
45. Crochet Flower Pattern
46. Ice Cream Cone
47. Baskets in 3 Sizes
48. Tunisian twist ear warmer
49. Ombre Coasters
50. Dreamer Beanie
51. Zig Zag Zipper Bag
52. Mandala Monster
53. Big and Thick Dish Scrubby
54. Not Knit Dishcloth
55. Peacock Cowl
56. T-shirt yarn crochet slippers
57. Sapphire Star Granny Square
58. Alpine Crochet Purse
59. Palm Tree Tapestry Bag
60. The Flora Flower
61. All Tied Up HeadBand
62. Sunglasses Case
63. Slouchy Hipster Beanie
64. Cute Pouch

Frustrated By Crochet Garments? Maybe You're Afraid to even start...

Frustrated By Crochet Garments?

Download my FREE Garment Cheat Sheets that will teach you the 5 essential components you need to understand to make great-fitting sweaters!

65. Nordic Textured Coasters
66. Tunisian Crochet Tresca Potholder
67. Triangular Headband
68. Soap Socks
69. Diamond Reflection Cowl
70. Bobble Fingerless Gloves
71. Marley Beanie
72. Cali the Cactus
73. Two-Toned Scrunchies
74. Coco Earrings
75. Forest Trail Headband
76. Two (or more) colour cowl
77. Monkey Around Boot Cuffs
78. Tulip Twist Headband
79. Boho Plant Hanger
80. Mason Jar Cozies
81. Crochet ragdoll jellyfish
82. Arewa Bracelet
83. Cross Bookmark
85. Sweet Daisies PotHolder
86. Farmhouse Washcloth
87. Suze-Anna Raceback Top
88. Easter Eggs
89. Baby Bunny Hat
90. Christmas Wall Hanging
91. Mini Unicorn Amigurumi
92. Stashbusting Washcloths
93. Freeze Pop Sleeve
94. Peacock Cowl
95. 30-Minute Trivet


96. Valentine’s Day Hearts
95. Lacey Little Hat
96. Luxe Spa Headband
97. Easter Eggs
98. Kimono Baby Booties
99. Ice Cream Cozy
100. X Bangle
101. Ragdoll Heart
102. Llama Wall Hanging
103. Party Bear Coasters
104. Brighton Beanie
105. Pretty In Pink Booties
106. Peek a Boo Beanie
107. Plant Hanger

I hope you enjoyed this massive list of stash-buster crochet patterns!

To view all of my free crochet patterns, click here.

Happy Crocheting!

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