107+ Free Stash-Buster Crochet Patterns – Use Leftover Yarn!

Who wants to use up some leftover YARN? I know I have been lately, with so much time on my hands! I participated in a pretty awesome crochet Stash-Buster challenge awhile back, and now I have a HUGE list of free stash-buster crochet patterns for you!

The goal of this post is to help you find patterns to use up your leftover yarn! We all have quite a bit of time on our hands (not to mention yarn stores being closed!) so why not use up what you have?

With this huge list of stash-busters, you’ll be able to find the perfect projects for those annoying leftovers.

107 Free Stash-Buster Crochet Patterns - Use Leftover Yarn!

107 Stash-Buster Crochet Patterns…Say what?

I know this sounds like a huge list! Because there are so many patterns, I haven’t included pictures for each one. Instead, you can read the names and click over to any one that sounds interesting.

I am ALL for using up the leftover yarn that you have! 🙌

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Frustrated By Crochet Garments?

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What is a Stash-Buster?

Before we get into the list of patterns, let’s cover a few important things about stash-busters. Such as, what ARE they anyhow?

In the crochet-world, “stash-busters” refer to any type of pattern that helps you use up the yarn that you have right now.

The point of a stash buster crochet pattern is not to buy new yarn. Instead, it is to find yarn in your stash, and use it up.

So what can you crochet with scrap yarn?

Pretty much ANYTHING. In the list I’m about to show you, there are 107 amazing patterns. Things from cowls, to washcloths, to headbands, to earrings, to coasters…

You name it, it is probably included, haha!

What I want you to remember as you click into these patterns is that not ALL of them will work for your yarn stash. Why? Because there are such a wide variety of patterns I have included, and your yarn stash will be different from other people’s!

And that is totally okay. As you scroll through, just keep this in mind, and use the patterns that work for you!

Spread the Word!

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Further Reading – 8 Ingenious Tips for using up your yarn stash

You can view the list of stash busting patterns below, but if you want broader IDEAS for using your yarn stash, make sure to read these 8 tips as well!

107 Free Stash-Buster Crochet Patterns—the LIST!

Here we go! There will be a short list of patterns followed by a collage photo so you can see all the patterns before going over to them.

1. Striped Sunglasses Pouch – a cute but simple case that will use up small bits of yarn.

2. Sunday at the Pool Coaster – these 3 colored coasters are perfect for using small balls!

3. Basketweave Baby Booties – look at this cute set! I love the basketweave pattern on them

4. Quick & Easy Earrings – got some cotton thread? These earrings are great for using up extra bits!

5. Spring Sparkle Coasters – are you a fan of tunisian crochet? These coasters are a great stash buster project.

6. Knit baby booties – I figured, why not throw in one knit pattern! These little guys are so cute.

7. Daisy Headband – I love the cute lace pattern on this one!

8. Zipper Pouch – great for using up small bits of different colors, and you’ll have a functional pouch at the end.

9. Butterfly Cardigan – if you have a bit more yarn in 2 colors that needs to be used up, this project is perfect!

stash busting crochet projects

10. Team Spirit Scrunchie – scrunchies are great, but made in team colors is even better! This is a great way to get rid of bright colors in your stash you might not have any use for.

11. Flower Face Scrubs – if you have small bits of cotton yarn, these scrubbies might be perfect. The stitch pattern is just gorgeous too!

12. Sideways Dishcloth – a simple but great stash-busting project to make is always a dishcloth! Love this pattern.

13. Assorted Rose Bouquet – use different rose-colored yarns to make a cute little bouquet!

14. Fox face brooch – this pattern is such a unique idea, I love it.

15. Sweet & Simple Bowtie Head Warmer – have a daughter or grand-daughter that loves headbands? You’ll want to see this pattern!

16. The Classic Cowl – made in a light blue, this cowl is so lovely. I might need to make one for myself.

17. Somerside Dishcloth – another easy dishcloth pattern that should work up in no time!

18. Windmill Coasters – a quick and easy pattern with a windmill design worked into it.

a collage of stash buster crochet projects

19. Spiral Baby Hat – look at how tiny this is! So cute.

20. Simple basket – great for organizing for the new year. I need one of these on my desk!

21. Honeycomb Cowl – wow, this is gorgeous. A great accessory.

22. Short and Chunky Fingerless Gloves – These look great for computer work where you need your hands warm but fingers free!

23. Whale amigurumi – I know quite a few kids who would love one of these.

24. Square Dish Scrubbie – my new favorite scrubbie for cleaning dirty pots and pans!

25. Reusable ear protector – if you have a to wear a mask a lot, you’ll probably enjoy one of these.

26. Spring Modern Granny Infinity Scarf – So stylish and cute!

27. Round Kitchen Scrubbie – I know I said the last scrubbie was my favorite, but I love this one too. I can work this one up in 8 minutes flat!

collage of stash buster crochet patterns

28. Seaside Mug Rug – perfect for boho home decor.

29. Cross in 3 Szies – a great pattern for Christian crocheters!

30. Easy Boho Evening Purse – if you have some bulky weight yarn you need to use up, try this! It is so cute!

31. Arewa Ear Warmer – this looks great for leftover yarn. Stylish too!

32. Your Favorite Pot Holders – designed by Joy of Motion crochet, this potholders look perfect for using extra variegated yarn. These are great to use when cooking (I might try them while making my favorite peach cobbler french toast!)

33. Happy feet baby socks – ooh, these are so sweet! If you have a baby in your life you’ll want to check it out.

34. Rosebud Beanie – just calls for some leftover worsted weight yarn. Slouchy and super cute!

35. Autumn Leaves Cowl – if you have one ball of fingering yarn you need to use up, this cowl is perfect.

36. Woodland Bag – great for when you just need to carry a few small items with you on the go!

collage of scrap yarn crochet projects

37. Western Style Wall Hanging – such a stylish piece for the home!

38. Primrose Granny square – a simple but beautiful square that you could turn into lots of projects! I’m thinking a scrap yarn blanket maybe!

39. Everlasting Infinity Scarf – look at the fades of colors on this one!

40. Stashbusting Lace Scarf – this one has such a pretty stitch pattern. You’ll need some leftover DK weight yarn to make it.

41. Crocus Headband – I could definitely see myself wearing this. It’s so pretty!

42. Seaglass Bandana Scarf – another very pretty accessory. I love how unique it is!

43. Two Toned Beanie – great for using up bulky weight yarn.

44. Crochet Flower Pattern – make some cute spring flowers for decoration this year!

45. Ice Cream Cone – a kid in your life would LOVE this.

collage of scrap yarn crochet patterns

46. Baskets in 3 Sizes – these little guys are great for organization all over the house!

47. Tunisian twist ear warmer – a great design if you are into Tunisian crochet. Super stylish.

48. Ombre Coasters – simple, but the colors definitely make a statement!

49. Dreamer Beanie – if you love slouchy hats, check out this pattern!

50. Zig Zag Zipper Bag – I just love zipper bags, and these are no exception. Just look at that lovely color work😍

51. Mandala Monster – this pattern would be great to make for a son or grandson.

52. Basketball Scrubbie – another boy’s pattern. Perhaps this could make washing your face fun even as a boy!

53. Big and Thick Dish Scrubby – you can never get enough scrubbies. This one is extra thick and durable!

54. Peacock Cowl – a pretty design using just 1 skein of a color-changing yarn.

55. Forget-Me-Not Coasters – use leftover DK or worsted yarn to make some pretty flower coasters!

stash buster crochet project collage

More Scrap Yarn Crochet Patterns

We’re about halfway through the list…I hope you are enjoying all these patterns! Let’s keep going.

56. T-shirt yarn crochet slippers – got some t-shirt yarn you don’t know what to do with? This pattern is amazing!

57. Sapphire Star Granny Square – these would make a stunning blanket.

58. Everglade Cowl – a worsted weight yarn crochet cowl that is sure to make a statement.

59. Palm Tree Tapestry Bag – if you’re into tapestry crochet and need to use up scraps of yarn, this bag is awesome!

60. The Flora Flower – another flower pattern, but this one is layered!

61. Everglade Ear Warmer – have a matching set with the Everglade cowl!

62. Sunglasses Case – super quick, easy, and functional.

63. Slouchy Hipster Beanie – this is another slouchy beanie, but it looks so different and unique from the others we’ve seen! Just look at that stitch pattern!

64. Seaside Wall Hanging – features a triple-crochet shell going down the center. Great for boho-style home decor!

scrap yarn crochet pattern collage

Frustrated By Crochet Garments? Maybe You're Afraid to even start...

Frustrated By Crochet Garments?

Download my FREE Garment Cheat Sheets that will teach you the 5 essential components you need to understand to make great-fitting sweaters!

65. Cross Basket – another great pattern for Christian/catholic crocheters!

66. Tunisian Crochet Tresca Potholder – this looks really thick and durable!

67. Isaac Beanie for Men – if you have some manly colored velvet yarn lying around, make a beanie for your significant other!

68. Soap Socks – such a great leftover yarn pattern, and so useful!

69. Diamond Reflection Cowl – a great way to put smaller scraps to use. Isn’t the colorwork amazing?

70. Mini Mittens Ornament – with this pattern you literally just need a tiny ball of yarn – because the mittens are so tiny!

71. Christmas Tree Ornament – use leftover green worsted weight yarn to get ahead on Christmas ornaments!

72. Cali the Cactus – this is so cute! I might need one for my decor.

73. Two-Toned Scrunchies – a lightweight scrunchie pattern, perfect for using leftover fingering weight yarn.

scrap yarn crochet project collage

74. Coco Earrings – these are sure to make a statement!

75. Forest Trail Headband – such a quick and fun headband pattern.

76. Two (or more) colour cowl – what a great pattern for a little girl in your life!

77. Monkey Around Boot Cuffs – I love how these are based on sock monkeys.

78. Tulip Twist Headband – so many headband patterns, yet they’re all unique! I love this one too.

79. Angel Square – a 9″ lacy square perfect for making blankets!

80. Mason Jar Cozies – great for Valentines day.

81. Crochet ragdoll jellyfish – oh my goodness, this little guy is adorable! A great pattern for kids.

82. Arewa Bracelet – if you’re into big bold jewelry, you will love this!

collage of scrap yarn crochet projects

83. Rustic Lace Scarf – if you have some DK weight yarn sitting around, you’ll love this scarf pattern.

84. Dragonfly Shawl – uses just one ball of Bernat Pop! Yarn or any color-changing yarn!

85. Wreath Ornament – another great ornament to get ahead on for Christmas.

86. Washlcoth – super easy, and I love the stripe!

87. Mini Hat Ornament – make this to go with the mini mittens from earlier!

88. Easter Eggs – a simple pattern for springtime!

89. Baby Bunny Hat – make in blue for baby boys or pink for baby girls. 😉

90. Christmas Wall Hanging – this wall hanging is great for scraps because there’s lots of tiny elements!

91. Mini Unicorn Amigurumi – another great kids pattern.

collage of stash buster crocheting

92. Stashbusting Washcloths – this washcloth is textured, which I love.

93. Freeze Pop Sleeve – such a great summer crochet pattern for kids!

94. Bow Headband – these bow headbands are adjustable for literally any sized head!

95. 30-Minute Trivet – a great kitchen crochet pattern, perfect for using up thick cotton yarn.

96. Valentine’s Day Hearts – make these into a banner for decoration!

97. Lacey Little Hat – a perfect baby hat for Spring/summer.

98. Luxe Spa Headband – this headband is so luxuriously thick, I love it!

99. Easter Eggs – another Easter egg pattern, but this design will teach you how to add stripes!

100. Kimono Baby Booties – so tiny and cute, I can hardly stand it.

scrap yarn crochet collage

101. Ice Cream Cozy – do your hands get cold while eating Ben & Jerry’s? Mine too! Try this pattern.

102. X Bangle – another awesome, bold jewelry piece.

103. Ragdoll Heart – perfect for valentines day decor around the house.

104. Llama Wall Hanging – if you have a little more yarn on hand, this wall hanging is adorable.

105. Party Bear Coasters – this is such a unique pattern!

106. Brighton Beanie – I just had to end with a few more baby patterns. This beanie is awesome…

107. Pretty In Pink Booties – and these booties are too!

stash buster crochet pattern collage

108. Sunflower Coaster – a perfect piece of summer home decor!

109. Double Crochet Dishcloth – a super easy washcloth/dishcloth made from double crochet with a crab stitch border. I use this to clean up after baking (recipes like old fashioned blueberry muffins!)

110. Red Truck Ornament – uses leftvoer bits of worsted weight yarn in various colors!

111. Soap Saver – keeps your shower cleaner and is great for using up cotton yarn.

112. Dice bag – comes in two sizes, perfect for storing lots of dice in.

113. Blue Skies Round Dishcloth – a deviation from the “standard” dishcloth shape!

114. Diagonal Dishcloth – learn C2C crochet with this easy project!

115. Pumpkin Coaster – a great project for fall.

116. Snowflake Ornament – comes in 3 sizes, and can be made in a variety of yarns.

I hope you enjoyed this massive list of stash-buster crochet patterns!

To view all of my free crochet patterns, click here.

Happy Crocheting!

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