Ultimate List of Crochet Christmas Decorations

Are you looking for crochet Christmas decorations to display around your home this year? If so, you are in the right place! I’ve compiled a list of some of the best patterns on the internet—including ornaments, home decorations, stockings, and more!

crochet christmas decorations collage

Have you started on your Christmas crochet patterns yet? There’s just something so neat and special about receiving a homemade gift, and there’s nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment you feel when you display a homemade piece of décor.

That said, with how busy the holiday season gets, it can be overwhelming and tricky to try and hunt down good décor and gift patterns. That’s why I’ve put together this list of different designs that range in difficulty and time to make so that you can choose the perfect pattern!

Best Yarn For Christmas Decorations

Most commonly, crocheters use worsted weight yarn to crochet decorations for Christmas. This is an easy yarn weight to work with. The exact yarn you choose is up to you and the pattern you’re making.

But to be honest, I often just use whatever is in my stash! Decorations are one of those things where the exact yarn isn’t absolutely necessary because gauge isn’t important. If you’re ok with the size turning out a little different, go ahead and try a new yarn!

crochet christmas decorations collage

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Crochet Christmas Decorations – the List

Without further ado, let’s look at all the amazing patterns! I’ve split this post up into 4 different categories so if there is one you are most interested in, use the table of contents to jump right to it.

Table of Contents:

Crochet Ornament Patterns

Let’s start off with crochet ornaments. After all, ornaments are one of the most classic Christmas decorations! They are usually small projects that can be whipped up fast, which makes them nice when you’re low on time to crochet!

By the way, if you really like ornaments, check out my ebook with 12 patterns.

Crochet Snowman Bobbles

First up, meet the Crochet Snowman Bobble. This pattern is so cute, I just love their adorable hats! These ornaments are quick and easy to make and use minimal yarn, so they’re a great stash-busting project! These ornaments would make perfect gifts, extra things to sell, etc.!

Designer: Hooked on patterns

Yarn Used: Any scrap yarn

Snowflake Ornament

Are you looking for something a little more delicate? If so, I think you’ll love this Snowflake Ornament! I love the beautiful lacy texture of this one. This pattern is deceptive in the sense that it looks intricate and difficult to make, when in reality, it’s quite simple. This would make a beautiful gift or addition to your tree this year!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Vanna’s Glamour Yarn and Premier Just Cotton

Crochet Snowflake Ornament Pattern - Free & in 3 Sizes!

Hearts & Stars Ornaments

Next up are some pretty ones: the Hearts & Stars Ornaments! I love the simplicity of these ones. They’re so simple, yet so beautiful, and make the perfect little vintag-y accent pieces for your tree. You can experiment with all kinds of color combinations to personalize them, or even make them in sets to sell at craft fairs!

Designer: Regina P Designs

Yarn Used: Caron One Pound Yarn

Flat Christmas Tree Ornament

Are you looking for a fun, classic-feeling ornament? This Flat Christmas Tree Ornament is just that! It’s simple, yet features a really fun, puff-stitch texture. This design is simple to recreate, so you can make several of them to fill your tree, string together as a garland, or give them out as fun gifts!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Crochet Flat Christmas Tree Pattern

Candy Cane Amigurumi Ornament

There’s nothing that quite shouts the spirit of Christmas like a candy cane, and this Amigurumi Candy Cane Ornament is no exception! Because this pattern is made in an amigurumi style, it has a unique 3D shape that allows for a fun, spiral design. This pattern also incorporates wire on the inside that gives the cane its classic hooked shape! These canes would look super fun in any of your favorite festive and bright colors!

Designer: Raffamusa Designs

Yarn Used: Paintbox Yarns DL

Unique Crochet Wreath Ornament

Here’s another one I designed: the Unique Wreath Ornament! This one is so beautiful, I just love the unique, life-like texture it has. Since this one utilizes a ponytail holder for its shape, it creates a wreath that’s just the perfect ornament size! This one is also simple enough that it pairs perfectly with other ornaments. This one would make a fantastic gift for any of your holiday-loving friends or family!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Heartland Yarn and and scrap yarn

Easy Crochet Wreath Ornament Pattern

Buffalo Plaid Bauble Ornament

This next pattern takes a unique spin on a classic ball-shaped ornament: the Buffalo Plaid Bauble Ornament! This pattern features a fun plaid design that gives it a modern feel. Depending on what materials you have at hand, you can make these using different combinations of similarly colored scrap yarn and crochet it around a Styrofoam ball, a plastic ornament, or even stuff it with batting. These ornaments would make fun, trendy additions to your tree!

Designer: Eye Love Knots

Yarn Used: Vanna’s Glamour (or scrap, sport weight yarn)

Crochet Poinsettia Pattern

Next up, check out this Crochet Poinsettia Ornament! Isn’t this one so pretty? I absolutely love its 3D, life-like look. This design is crocheted in layers so that it really captures the gorgeous, layered look of a poinsettia. This pattern is also super simple to adjust, so you can make several with varying numbers of petals to add some interest to your tree!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Crochet Poinsettia Pattern - Christmas Flower Ornament

Twinkle Star Decoration

Next, meet the Twinkle Star Decoration! This ornament is so simple, yet so cute. I love how versatile it is; it goes with just about any decoration-scheme! This pattern uses minimal yarn, so you can use just about any yarn in your stash and pair it with a sparkly yarn for a fun, twinkly twist!

Designer: Dora Does

Yarn Used: Kyle Cole Cosmos and Stylecraft Special DK

Snowman Ornament

Here’s anther snowman themed ornament! This guy is super cute, works is easy, works up in under an hour, and is a great stash-busting project! This one in particular is really fun because you can change up the colors and textures of the yarn you use for the accessories to customize to you (or whoever you decide to give it to)!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Lily Sugar & Cream Yarn

Snowman Ornament—Free Crochet Pattern

Mini Jumper Ornament

Now here’s a cozy one: the Mini Jumper Ornament! I don’t know about you, but I just love mini things. This pattern is simple enough for a beginner to tackle! These sweaters would also make unique, personalized gift card holders, accent pieces to garlands, buntings, or wreaths, etc.!

Designer: Blue Star Crochet

Yarn Used: Swish Yarn from Knit Picks

Golden Angel Ornament

Lastly, take a look at this Golden Angel Ornament. Angels play such an important role in the Christmas story that it just doesn’t seem right not to tie them into my Christmas decor somehow. This ornament is so beautiful, and the golden color gives it an extra Christmas-y feel. These would make beautiful gifts!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Yarn Bee Soft Secret

Beautiful Crochet Angel Ornament Pattern - Free!

Kitchen & Home Christmas Crochet Decorations

Christmas decorations certainly don’t stop at ornaments. Each year, my family would bring out all of our home decorations and work together to place them all around! This not only spreads holiday cheer but is also a fun tradition. So next, let me show you some of my favorite Christmas-themed crochet kitchen and home decorations!

Christmas Truck Towel Topper

First up is a unique one: the Christmas Truck Towel Topper! Towel toppers are a fantastic way to brighten up your kitchen, and this pattern is no exception! I love the vintage feel this one has. Additionally, this design works up fairly quickly, so it’s perfect for a last minute gift, selling at a craft fair, or adding some festive cheer to your kitchen!

Designer: Nana’s Crafty Home

Yarn Used: Red Heart With Love Yarn

Winterberry Basket

Are you looking for an even more practical pattern? If so, I think you’ll love this Winterberry Basket! This pattern is mostly built up of half double crochets with puff stitch accents and a single crochet edging that gives it a super fun, textured look. Another thing I love about this pattern is that it’s simple enough for a beginner to tackle, yet intricate enough for an advanced crocheter. Fill this with a few little snacks or trinkets for a unique gift basket!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

Snowman Belly Flatware Holder

Wanna add an element of extra festiveness to your holiday dinners? Look no further than the Snowman Belly Flatware Holder! This pattern is so cute, I just love how the stitch design resembles the texture of freshly fallen snow. Additionally, you can change up the scarf color, buttons, or even add different accessories for a fun, personalized look!

Designer: Blackstone Designs

Yarn Used: Worsted Weight Yarn

Crochet Peppermint Potholder

Next, meet the Peppermint Potholder. Not only is this potholder cute and festive, but it’s solid and extra thick, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out quickly or your hands getting burnt! It’s also a great introduction to tapestry crochet for beginners. If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your kitchen this year, you should definitely give this one a try!

Designer: Raffamusa Designs

Yarn Used: Paintbox Cotton Yarns DK

Christmas Wall Hanging

Here’s another one I designed: the Christmas Wall Hanging! This wall hanging features a serene, sweet Christmas scene with a snowy foreground and a beautiful blue sky in the background. Of course, you can change up the colors to make it your own! This pattern only uses a tiny bit of each color, so it’s perfect for using up old bits of scrap yarn!

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver

Christmas wall hanging—free crochet pattern

Christmas Santa Coasters

Next up, check out these adorable Christmas Santa Coasters! These guys work up quickly, easily, and only use a small amount of yarn, so you can make several of these with just one skein of each color! Make a few of these as a set and give them out as gifts, sell them at a craft fair, or set them out on your coffee table for a fun, festive look!

Designer: Jo to the World

Yarn Used: Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn and Bernat Pipsqueak

Snowflake Wreath

Are you looking for something a little more elegant? This Crochet Snowflake Wreath is just the thing! I love the delicate, lacy look of each snowflake. One of the things I love about this pattern is that it looks super intricate and complicated, when it’s really quite simple to recreate! This wreath would make a beautiful door accent, wall hanging, gift, etc.!

Designer: Han Jan Crochet

Yarn Used: King Cole Giza

Christmas Gnome

Here’s another fun one: the Christmas Gnome pattern! This is one of those patterns that’s simple enough for a beginner, yet interesting enough for a more experienced crocheter to enjoy! These gnomes would make great alternatives to elves on the shelf, decor pieces, or unique gifts!

Designer: Han Jan Crochet

Yarn Used: King Cole Baby Alpaca Double Knit Yarn

Reindeer Kitchen Towel

Do you want to make something that’s both cute and practical? This Reindeer Kitchen Towel is just that! Using a textured stitch design and cotton yarn (such as Lily Sugar n’ Cream Yarn) assures that your towel will be super absorbent and easy to wash, and comfortable to use. I love patterns like this because you can store them easily and use them for several years to come!

Designer: A Crocheted Simplicity

Yarn Used: Lily Sugar n’ Cream Yarn

Snowflake Wall Hanging

Last up for this category, check out this Snowflake Wall Hanging! I love the simplicity of this one. Each snowflake is worked up in 4 rounds total, so you could potentially make this pattern in one sitting! It’s also super easy to adjust size-wise, since you can make as many or as little snowflakes as you’d like! Additionally, you can use just about anything you have handy for the branch part, depending on what look you’re going for.

Designer: Blue Star Crochet

Yarn Used: King Cole Cottonsoft

Crochet Stockings

I think there would be something so special about making handmade stockings for each one of my children. I may have to do that in the future! If you are looking for some unique stocking designs, these patterns are gorgeous.

Cow Stocking

Starting off with a cute one, check out the Cow Stocking! Not only is this guy adorable, but it’s made using blanket yarn, so it’s extra soft and cozy (and quick to work up)! This would be a perfect stocking to make for a little one, gift to a cow-loving friend or family member, or even crochet for yourself!

Designer: Grace and Yarn

Yarn Used: Bernat Blanket Yarn

Granny Christmas Stocking

Are you looking for something a little more vintage-feeling? This Granny Christmas Stocking is just the thing! This stocking has a beautiful, chunky texture and a fun, tassel edging. This stocking is also pretty massive, so you can fit lots of little trinkets inside, or even set it out simply as a cute piece of Christmas decor!

Designer: Fosbas Designs

Yarn Used: Scheepjes Softfun

Diamonds & Fur Christmas Stocking

Next up, take a look at the Diamonds & Fur Christmas Stocking! Isn’t this one so cozy-looking? I just love how well the fur edging and pom pom accents pair with the diamond texture! The neat thing about this pattern is that it has a modern feel, while still maintaining the classic shape and look of a typical stocking. This would make a beautiful addition to your home this year!

Designer: A Crocheted Simplicity

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Yarns Go For Faux and Vanna’s Choice Linnen

Buffalo Plaid Stocking

Do you enjoy buffalo plaid? I’ve noticed this pattern trending lately, and I can see why! If you’re wanting to add some buffalo plaid festiveness to you decor this year, this Buffalo Plaid Stocking is the perfect pattern for you! This stocking would look fantastic in almost any color scheme, and you could even make several in different colors for you whole family!

Designer: A Crocheted Simplicity

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn

Nordic Christmas Stocking

Next, check out this Nordic Stocking pattern! This stocking has an overall simple/classic feel to it, while the diamond motif edging adds an element of uniqueness. Additionally, since this pattern is so small and simple, it makes a great introductions to C2C crochet for beginners!

Designer: Make and Do Crew

Yarn Used: Lion Brand New Basics

Bobble Stocking

The last stocking pattern I’d like to show you is the Bobble Stocking! Isn’t this one so fun? I just love it’s chunky, unique texture and boho-feel. In addition to giving it a fun look, the texture of this stocking also allows it to be thick and substantial, so you can expect it to hold up for years to come!

Designer: Banana Moon Studios

Yarn Used: Pound of Love Yarn

Decorations With Chunky Yarn

Lastly, here are some quick Christmas décor projects that use chunky yarn!

Bobble Christmas Tree

First up, let me introduce you to these fun Bobble Christmas Trees! This pattern works up in one continuous row from start to finish, so there’s no need to fuss with unnecessary extra sewing (minus a stitch or two at the very top of the tree). These trees have an amazing, unique texture, and are perfect pieces of décor to add a pop of color to your home!

Designer: Nana’s Crafty Home

Yarn Used: Wool Ease Thick & Quick

Santa Pillow

There’s nothing that quite screams “Christmas” like a santa-themed décor piece. This crochet Santa Pillow is no exception! Changing up throw pillows throughout the year is a fantastic way to add a cute, yet subtle hint of whatever season you’re in. This pillow is simple, cozy, and you can have it done in no time at all!

Designer: Salty Pearl Crochet

Yarn Used: Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn

Large Christmas Tree

Next, here’s another tree pattern: the Large Chunky Christmas Tree! This pattern is made by crocheting various sized triangles, sewing two of each together, and stacking them on top of each other for a simple, yet unique look. Because each tree is built up by stacked triangles, they’re incredibly easy to adjust to different sizes!

Designer: Stitching Together

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick

Quick Rustic Ornaments

Last, but most certainly not least, meet the Quick Rustic Ornaments! I love the sort of plain, rustic look of these ones. The knotted texture adds an element of interest, while still keeping them simple. Each of these ornaments work up super quickly (like, 2-3 minutes quickly!) and use little to no yarn, So you can whip up a lot of these with only one skein in no time at all!

Designer: Winding Road Crochet

Yarn Used: Bernat Maker Big Yarn

Get Started on Crochet Gifts

If you loved this post, you might want to check out some of my crochet pattern gift guides! I’ve done all the work for you so you can see patterns for a wide variety of people:

Find perfect crochet gifts for men, moms, or the whole family. Or, you can also make gifts for kids, teenage guys, or grandma!


There is no better time of the year than Christmas! So why not make it extra homey by crocheting some Christmas decorations? Crochet stockings, ornaments, and other decorations make for a beautiful home—or great gifts! I hope you found the perfect pattern in this list.


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Happy Crocheting!

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